Toward an Anthology of Spanish-American Women Poets, 1880-1930, by Liz Henry

Toward an Anthology of Spanish-American Women Poets, 1880-1930 is an anthology of my translations from Spanish to English of 42 poems by 25 women from 11 countries in the Americas. Each poet in the anthology has a short biographical note with information about their work and about the poems I chose for the anthology. From the biographies, I link out to their poems and my English translations. If you prefer the book in one big batch, you can download it as a PDF.

Introduction: Why Are There So Many Women Writers?

A 90-page essay on gender and genre that draws heavily on Joanna Russ’s How to Suppress Women’s Writing and explores the concept of modernismo. How are writers framed as “important” and added to the literary canon? What patterns can we see in the ways whether women are included in anthologies or not, in anthologies organized by nation, literary movement, or some other theme? When we look at what women were writing in a particular time, might that work look like part of its own literary movement?

Luisa Pérez de Zambrana 1835-1922, Cuba

  • Retrato
  • La poesía esclava (A Aurelia Castillo)
  • ¡Ya duermes! (En la muerte de la ilustre poetisa Mercedes Matamoros)

    Jesusa Laparra 1820-1887, Guatemala

  • La risa

    Salomé Ureña de Henríquez, 1850-1897, Dominican Republic

    En defensa de la Sociedad

    Elisa Monge, 18XX-1932, Guatemala

    El cisne

    Adela Zamudio , 1854-1928, Bolivia

    Wiñaypaj Wiñayninkama / Para siempre
    Nacer Hombre

    Mercedes Matamoros, 1851-1906, Cuba

    A Aurelia
    La Bestia
    Las alfileres

    Nieves Xenes, 1859-1915, Cuba


    María Luisa Milanés, 1893-1919, Cuba

    Hago como Spártaco
    No puedo comprender . . .

    Aurelia Castillo, 1842-1920, Cuba

    A Mercedes Matamoros

    Juana Borrero, 1878-1896, Cuba

    Las hijas de Ran

    María Eugenia Vaz Ferreira, 1875-1924, Uruguay

    Vaso furtivo
    Las ondinas

    Emilia Bernal de Agüero, 1884-1964, Cuba

    A una rosa

    Delmira Agustini, 1886-1914, Uruguay

    Fiera de amor

    Claudia Lars, 1899-1974, El Salvador

    Dibujo de la mujer que llega

    Juana de Ibarbourou

    Las olas
    La estatua

    Enriqueta Arvelo Larriva, 1886-1962, Venezuela

    Vive una guerra
    Balada de lo que oí

    Gabriela Mistral, 1889-1957, Chile

    Paisajes de la Patagonia: I. Desolación

    Emma Vargas Flórez de Arguelles, 1885-19??, Colombia

    Manos feminiles

    Alfonsina Storni, 1892-1938, Argentina

    Peso ancestral

    Adela Sagastume de Acuña, 18XX-1926, Guatemala

    Los siglos

    Magda Portal, 1901-1989, Peru


    Mariblanca Sabás Alomá, 1901–1983, Cuba

    Poema de la mujer aviadora que quiere atravesar el Atlántico

    María Monvel, 1897-1936, Chile

    En un cuarto de hotel

    Nydia Lamarque, 1906-1982, Argentina

    Invocación (a la sombra de Safo)

    Olga Acevedo, 1895-1970, Chile



    Appendix A: Other women poets of importance to this project

    Appendix B: Feminismo. A 1917 poem by a man exhorting women to be more feminine.

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