The Hostility of the Helper

When others perceive us (disabled people) as being in need of help there can be a strange dynamic in play. They deny our agency, our perspective, seeing us as an obligation. They are forced, in their minds, to hold the door open or tie down our wheelchairs or grab our arm unexpectedly and try to … Continue reading “The Hostility of the Helper”

Visit to Richmond BART station

Today I voyaged to Richmond BART! It was very exciting! It’s an aboveground platform with a large concourse underneath. Amtrak also comes here! Right next to the BART platform, across a nicely landscaped garden with trees, the California Zephyr pulled up with tremendous clanging and excitement. You get to the Amtrak platform from the concourse … Continue reading “Visit to Richmond BART station”

Coding, swimming, biergarten, chocolate

A really nice day. I worked on my game nearly all day and the time just flew. I’m feeling deeply obsessed! Danny is obsessed with Lisp and Scheme so we are just quietly muttering to ourselves like toddlers doing parallel play. Yatima took me swimming at the JCC and I did some real laps. First … Continue reading “Coding, swimming, biergarten, chocolate”

24th St Mission BART station report

Starting my BART station report series with my home station, 24th St Mission. Sometimes the St is spelled out so it’s 24th Street Mission, and sometimes it’s abbreviated in station signs. You can get some overview of the neighborhood on the Calle 24 Historic District site in English and Spanish. Get ready to ramble! I’m … Continue reading “24th St Mission BART station report”

I need this new project like I need another blog entry

That is not at all, and VERY MUCH THANKS!!!!!11!! New project idea, combine BART riding project with my Inform7 obsession and make a ridiculous BART simulator text adventure. I have got a single train line working by lifting it from the examples in documentation. It’s so satisfying! Not sure how accurate I’m going to get … Continue reading “I need this new project like I need another blog entry”