Historical Hipster San Francisco Poetry

As I was reading up on the controversy about Blue Bottle Coffee putting a generator-drive truck with espresso machines into Dolores Park, I came across this mock documentary by “Kenita Burns” about the battle between Ritual Roasters and Blue Bottle coffee hipsters in San Francisco: The quote at the end about Joan Baez and the … Continue reading “Historical Hipster San Francisco Poetry”

Programming languages and science fiction!

Cat Valente, Tiptree-winning author of The Orphan’s Tales, wrote up a brilliant comparison of programming languages to literary genres. She covers a lot of ground here as a cultural and critic, and she’s witty as hell. If the bits I’m quoting make you laugh, go read the whole thing! Smalltalk is mythpunk, Python is speculative … Continue reading “Programming languages and science fiction!”

Sonnet, twittered

Drum roll… a moment in Twitter history… Twittered by allaboutgeorge aka George Kelly, for Sarah Dopp. The poem is better for having been twittered. I like it backwards, and getting the punchline first and then cycling back through it. The poetics of Twitter force circularity and rereading, disorder and reversal. Which goes perfectly with this … Continue reading “Sonnet, twittered”

Code that isn't at all poetry, but that is structure & patterns

Happy Poetry Month! Rather than poeting, for the past few days I’ve been twiddling with code. It is much the same state of mind as translating, or basic composition, but for me at least, not quite poetry. It does require moving a bunch of words around, arranging them, and imagining their interpretation, organizing words in … Continue reading “Code that isn't at all poetry, but that is structure & patterns”

Carmen Berenguer wins Ibero-American Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize

Happy Poetry Month! Congratulations to Carmen Berenguer who has won the 2008 Premio Iberoamericana de Poesía Pablo Neruda. I am very happy for her! And for everyone who will now read her marvelous poems! It makes me extremely happy that work so radical, experimental, feminist, and wild, has been recognized and honored. “Es una sorpresa … Continue reading “Carmen Berenguer wins Ibero-American Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize”

April: National Poetry Month. Post 1: Nestor Perlongher in translation

a Originally uploaded by Liz Henry I’m going to try to post every day in April on poetry and poetics. This blog has got some poetry in it, if you dig deep underneath the feminist eyerolling and disability rights and tech stuff. In the last month, I’ve been going through my translations and poems from … Continue reading “April: National Poetry Month. Post 1: Nestor Perlongher in translation”

Long poems last for a long time

Lately, poetry is all coming in floaty long phrases. It’s all endless stretching introductions full of commas. I think it’s because I’m in a beginning, and don’t have the clarity to send down a full stop sort of root into where I’m going with the language and ideas. I need a whole day to travel … Continue reading “Long poems last for a long time”

A bit of a poem by Adrienne Rich

I’ve been looking in my books for a particular poem that I remembered copying into a notebook about 20 years ago, and found it finally tonight: The world tells me I am its creatureI am raked by eyes    brushed by handsI want to crawl into her for refuge    lay my headin the space … Continue reading “A bit of a poem by Adrienne Rich”

Gender and genre in blogs

In her paper on Gender and genre variation in weblogs Susan Herring and her team hypothesized differences between male- and female-authored blogs. I haven’t read the paper closely enough to get the detail, but the gist of it is they expected women to say “I” more and refer to women more, and men to write … Continue reading “Gender and genre in blogs”

Trivium, twittering, gregarious behavior

twittering Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. Some rambling thoughts on twitteration, or twitteritude: Twitter is fun. It’s a microblogging site; your entries are strictly limited to just a couple of lines of text. You can friend people and get their twitters on a web page, on IM, or on your cell phone. Sign up, watch … Continue reading “Trivium, twittering, gregarious behavior”