Thoughts on a silly song

I’ve been going through old playlists and this morning’s was the album Book of Love (by Book of Love) which I found I could sing along to in the shower when I wasn’t laughing at how bad the poetry of it is. The most generic and banal lyrics but so weirdly fun anyway! Imagining one of these new wave ladies composing “Yellow Sky“, writing in blue ballpoint pen in her spiral notebook the immortal lines, “I dreamed about / how it would be / if you would come / and stay with me”.

Not that I demand much more out of a song. But then the song got even funnier to me as I wondered if it were written to a Lucky Charms leprechaun. “Blue Moon, Orange Sun and Yellow Sky” — not made any more profound by adding “where do we go when we die” for the rhyme.

What does Rap Genius have to say about it? appropriately… nothing.

Sorry Book of Love, I love you but I also love lightly making fun of you!

One more thing about this album – it is very consistent! You can listen to the whole thing without skipping and kind of stay in the same zone. And it is easy to sing along to as the vocal range stays in about the same 5 notes forever.

1 thought on “Thoughts on a silly song

  1. I open your blog, and saw the date April 19, I thought it would be the notorious “The Tortured Poet Department” day as it was mentioned at 2am on a discord discussion in my poetry group… but surprisingly, it’s about “Book of Love” 😉
    I’ve also done a similar thing: expressing my love and attention to non-Taylor Swift songs on this day 😂🙌🏻

    P.S. I read your blog briefly when I researched about nonprofit and security. I aspire to write blogs as frequent as you.

    Many warm regards,
    Elisabeth (Lisa)

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