Editing Wikipedia 101 session from AdaCamp

After the Welcome and introduction and first session of AdaCamp in Portland I joined Netha Hussain and Rosie Stevenson to facilitate a session on editing Wikipedia. Everyon in the room introduced themselves and talked about their connection to open knowledge, information, and wikis. There were several people who had never edited Wikipedia. We started by … Continue reading “Editing Wikipedia 101 session from AdaCamp”

Dealing with Internet Drama in Feminist Discourse – SXSWi panel report

The Internet Drama in Feminist Discourse panel was led by Rachel (RMJ) from Deeply Problematic and Garland Grey from Tiger Beatdown. My notes are fairly sketchy. Many people in the room spoke up but I didn’t record everything and wasn’t sure of people’s names. The hashtag on Twitter was #femdrama, and from that tag I … Continue reading “Dealing with Internet Drama in Feminist Discourse – SXSWi panel report”

Digital Sisterhood radio – Online Feminism episode

Thursday, Dec. 16th, I’m going to be on a radio show on Feminism Online, hosted by Ananda Leeke as part of her month long Digital Sisterhood project. The show will air on Dec. 16, Digital Sisterhood Radio, from 9:00 pm EST to 10:00 pm EST on Talkshoe.com: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/42015. Eight amazing fierce feminist panelists have confirmed … Continue reading “Digital Sisterhood radio – Online Feminism episode”

Feminism, Assange rape charges, free speech, and Wikileaks

Today’s arrest of Julian Assange on rape charges is being framed by many people as a conflict between feminism and free speech. I won’t link to them all, but here is a sample: Kirk Murphy from Firedoglake apparently thinks anyone gets to rape Known Feminists with impunity. That article made me especially angry. I support … Continue reading “Feminism, Assange rape charges, free speech, and Wikileaks”

Changing ableist, racist, and sexist language habits

I really appreciate efforts in the blogosphere to change people’s habits of speech. Language is important and changes all the time for various reasons. Discouraging casual and thoughtless ableist, racist, misogynist habits of thought seems like a good reason to work to change the way people use language. Meloukhia’s Open Letter to Feministing asking for … Continue reading “Changing ableist, racist, and sexist language habits”

Rebel Girl! Riot Grrl nostalgia show

This is coming up tomorrow and you’re all welcome to come! I’ll be reading some fun, fiery rants and giving away a few zines and vintage “riot grrl outer space” buttons. I believe there will be accordion-playing as well! The National Queer Arts Festival & San Francisco in Exile Present:REBEL GIRL: a riot grrl nostalgia … Continue reading “Rebel Girl! Riot Grrl nostalgia show”

SXSWi: Fighting online misogyny panel

Thank you!!! times a hundred to Nalo Hopkinson who just now took my rough live transcript and cleaned it up and emailed it back to me so I could post it. Thank you Nalo! You rock so hard. *** That’s Not My Name: Beating Down Misogyny Online Panelists: Cecily Walker (Cecily.info), Ann Friedman (Feministing), Amanda … Continue reading “SXSWi: Fighting online misogyny panel”

In Celebration of Bitchitude

Hat tip to Jo Freeman, aka Joreen, who in the 70s wrote The Bitch Manifesto. I love this manifesto, and reprinted it in the 90s as a xerox booklet which I sent out over the riot grrl zine network. Later I read Jo Freeman’s more academic writing and found her to be an academic writer … Continue reading “In Celebration of Bitchitude”

Feminist research and anthologizing

Here’s the introduction to my anthology of some poems by women from Latin America, translated from Spanish to English. It explains my research methodology and the theories I developed while reading and translating. * Introduction to Towards an Anthology of Spanish American Women Poets, 1880-1930 – HTML * Introduction to Towards an Anthology of Spanish … Continue reading “Feminist research and anthologizing”

Argentinian feminists in the early 1900s

To give a little extra context for the poem “Feminismo” by Alfredo Arteaga, here’s some of what women were doing in Argentina at the time. “On May 10, 1910, the date of the centennial celebration of Argentine independence, the first Congreso Feminino Internacional convened in Buenos Aires, with more than two hundred women from Argentina, … Continue reading “Argentinian feminists in the early 1900s”