Transitory is a text adventure game that takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area, on and around the BART train system, past, present, and future. Exploring the landscape and the intersections of magic, art, and technology lead the player to five puzzles corresponding with the five BART train lines. My aim is to make a super fun game that deepens the player’s relationship with the everyday geography they may experience. So, when you ride a real life train, you may start to notice the aesthetics of the stations, the characters of the neighborhoods around them, and think about the history of the land. The familiar will become new. The train rider will become more aware of possible futures, just around the corner.

As an added dimension to the game experience, the player can choose to play as a wheelchair user, Deaf or hard of hearing, blind or having low vision, or any combination of those disabilities. Representation in media buoys us up; as I experimented with writing game scenarios from the point of view of a wheelchair user, I had a powerfully happy feeling. I’d like to make the game playable in an interesting way from many points of view; the world must be navigable and the clues findable for all of them. As I play with that it is also fun to put in the sly crip humor that is a key piece of our everyday resistance and survival.

As research for the game, I’m visiting each BART station in 2019.