Diane di Prima reading for DivaFest

Diane di Prima does one long solo reading per year in San Francisco and for the last 7 years that’s been at DivaFest at the Exit Theater. The little theater was packed with wistful and wild-eyed poets and hardcore di Prima fans as Diane led off just talking about stuff and asking us all for … Continue reading “Diane di Prima reading for DivaFest”

Dawn I heard a rag rip

Greg Hall died. He was a good friend and a great poet. It drove me crazy to see him just throw away garbage bags full of his own fantastic poetry. He could shed it as easy as he could shed another “residential hotel” style apartment or an old self. Greg understood ephemera. We’re always losing … Continue reading “Dawn I heard a rag rip”

Translation: María Luisa Milanés (1893-1919)

María Luisa Milanés was an ardent feminist and Cuban nationalist who killed herself in part because of an unhappy marriage (Davies 58). She wrote poems that were deep critiques of patriarchal culture and that were expressions of solidarity with other women and all oppressed people. Her poems were sometimes published under the pseudonym Liana de … Continue reading “Translation: María Luisa Milanés (1893-1919)”

Flora & Fauna & poems, oh my

04-21-06_1618.jpg Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. I help to organize the Art21 series of poetry readings in Palo Alto, and am going to miss tonight’s reading. But I had to drop by in the afternoon to drop off the amp and microphone, and so got to meet Becca Goldman, the artist whose work is up … Continue reading “Flora & Fauna & poems, oh my”

A quick attempt at Salome

I’m really digging Salomé Ureña de Henríquez, and though this is a rough draft of about the first third of a long poem, I thought I’d share it with you. When I come to a more final version I’ll post the whole thing. My translation is very rough. I’d like to polish it up to … Continue reading “A quick attempt at Salome”

Waverley report, January reading

I’m behind in my notes on readings that I go to. Here’s some notes from the January meeting of Waverley Writers, a large, friendly open mike that happens in a Quaker church. The MC, Jean Chacona, introduces people in groups of three. Willy – “remember standing… wearing sheepskin vest, wanting nothing…” Streetcorner poem. “Before there … Continue reading “Waverley report, January reading”

East Coast bilingual poets

“In Two Tongues/En Dos Lenguas: Bilingual Spoken Word.” Emerging poets (or student poets) living in the Mid-Atlantic region sought for a new reading series to begin this Spring in Arlington. Each emerging poet will be paired with a “master” poet. Poems will be presented in both English and Spanish. Submit 4 typed copies of up … Continue reading “East Coast bilingual poets”

status report, Art 21, Waverley readings

I’ve been sandblasted by the “holidays”, with not much leisure! Writing continues, but what critical thinking still is possible has been directed towards the SF book award I’m helping to judge. Still… poetry! I’ve found some wonderful poets to translate, including Olga Acevedo, Marí Luisa Milanés, and María Antoneta La-Quesne. I came across a really … Continue reading “status report, Art 21, Waverley readings”

A few notes from Arntson's reading and the NYDPS

I had been looking forward to this reading of Not Dead Yet Poets’ Society, and had planned for it, but my childcare options suddenly fell through on two levels. John was late, my neighbor had a complication, and so I had to stuff Milo into his raincoat, boots, whisk him off unwelcome and harried and … Continue reading “A few notes from Arntson's reading and the NYDPS”

Some notes from Waverley

From last Friday. I can’t transcribe all my notes, but I thought it might be fun to mention the people who read. Intro by Karen Grosman. WillyKit – her first time reading here. We all applaud and give her The Love. “Shepherded”.Tony – poem about the Mekong riverAnita Holzburg – “Chances”Jayne Kos – “Road Trip” … Continue reading “Some notes from Waverley”