Bad tests sink ships, or something

As a connoisseur of the caution sign, I really enjoyed these gorgeous, strange, slightly disturbing safety posters from WWII-era Britain. There are stylized warnings about driving at night, about putting an eye out with that thing, about what happens if you are very imprudent with boxes, giant boards, and ladders, and then a jolly man … Continue reading “Bad tests sink ships, or something”

Bad Inventions: Dumpling Compass!

This is hardly a bad invention. It is sheer genius, because dumplings are fucking delicious. And because I don’t have time to create it, I give it to you. The Dumpling Compass! Dumpling Compass is a phone app that points you towards the nearest dumpling source. Consider the miracle of the dumpling. The basic idea … Continue reading “Bad Inventions: Dumpling Compass!”

Bad inventions: Dead mouse cat treats

I have two more bad inventions to add to the world, both cat-related! Think how awesome it would be if we had cat treats that had the varied textures of dead mice! Pampered indoor cats could have the fun of chewing on the leathery outer skin made of meat jerky, crunching the fake bones, savoring … Continue reading “Bad inventions: Dead mouse cat treats”

Pacman Cookies

We interrupt this serious broadcast to say that there should be more Pac Man and Space Invaders cookies. Someday I’ll make myself Pacman cookie cutters. Space Invaders cookie cutters would be great too. Also, someday I’d like to create the entire Pacman board out of cookies. The fruit should be made from marzipan! It’s not … Continue reading “Pacman Cookies”

Geek dress code, Silicon Valley version

Skud blogged a very funny comparison of geek vs. non-geek dress codes. I think the geek code allows for a more fine-grained analysis! THE GEEK DRESS CODEWith elements of clothing listed in order of ascending formality================================================================ Shirts: Tshirt your mom bought you at Kmart when you were in high school. Ill fitting; 80s colored; perhaps … Continue reading “Geek dress code, Silicon Valley version”