FFUntriaged number games

As some of you may know we have over 900,000 thousand bug reports in bugzilla.mozilla.org these days. Around 120K of those are open bugs. I keep an eye on the incoming bugs, which are still around 350-550 for any 24 hour period and peck away at those. Many people in QA and various engineering teams … Continue reading “FFUntriaged number games”

File a bug: the missing manual, now with unicorns

At countless conference talks I have heard standard advice on “how to get involved in an open source project”. It goes something like this: Step 1. File a bug! Step 2. Submit a patch! (repeat steps 1 and 2 for a while) Step 3. Now you are ready to write some new features and stuff! … Continue reading “File a bug: the missing manual, now with unicorns”

Bugzilla hijinks, Tuesday March 5

Tomorrow evening (Pacific time) the bugzilla.mozilla.org and IT folks will be moving BMO to a new infrastructure and upgrading to Bugzilla 4.2. I’ll be up on the 7th floor of the SF office with Shyam and probably others. I know a few comunity contributors will be showing up on IRC around 8pm PST to help … Continue reading “Bugzilla hijinks, Tuesday March 5”

Walking through early bug triage

Here is a good example of a bug that went through several stages of triaging: Scrolling a page up leaves residue in GTK slider. I would like to walk through what happens in triaging this bug. Blow by blow report! The bug reporter, Przemek, was new to Bugzilla, so their report was automatically put into … Continue reading “Walking through early bug triage”

Bugzilla quicksearch, or else!

Here is a fabulous tip if you are messing around in bugzilla.mozilla.org and are searching for bugs. As, by now, as a reader of my blog, you should be. You can search Bugzilla right from the location bar. I cannot quite bring myself to say “Awesome bar” as people do at Mozilla because I’ve said … Continue reading “Bugzilla quicksearch, or else!”

Thrills, chills, filters, and bugmail

Any bugmail at all is probably way too much bugmail. That means you will need to set up some structures to filter it! This explanation may be useful for anyone interested in contributing to Mozilla — especially bugmasters, triagers, and developers. Even if you don’t use the same email setup, there’s some good tips. Byron … Continue reading “Thrills, chills, filters, and bugmail”