Bugzilla hijinks, Tuesday March 5

Tomorrow evening (Pacific time) the bugzilla.mozilla.org and IT folks will be moving BMO to a new infrastructure and upgrading to Bugzilla 4.2.

No bugzilla cartoon

I’ll be up on the 7th floor of the SF office with Shyam and probably others. I know a few comunity contributors will be showing up on IRC around 8pm PST to help test during deployment so if you’d like to participate, let me know!

Earlier on Tuesday, before the outage, there will be a QA-run Firefox unconfirmed bugs day. This is a good event for people new to bugzilla and bug triage! Create a bugzilla.mozilla.org account for yourself and come introduce yourself on irc.mozilla.org on the #qa or #bugmasters channels.

I plan on going through all the Mac bugs that I’m able to, to try to replicate them and add any useful information to the bugs. Right now there are 85 unconfirmed Firefox bugs that were first reported in the last week. That number might be different tomorrow obviously!

I find it very useful in Bugzilla when I get a link to a search like this one, to click “Edit Search” at the very bottom right of the page. From that, I can see what options created that result. And I can narrow the search down further or build something useful for myself, and then save it in my saved searches. Now I have a nice search for just the recent bugs reported for Firefox on MacOSX. I mention this mainly because it took me a while to notice the “Edit Search” link — until then, I was trying to deconstruct and add to the parameters in the URL by hand.

At 8:30pm the Bay Lights are going to come on: a dynamic light show decorating the whole north part of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. I’m hoping to get some awesome photos of the lit-up bridge from the Mozilla office roof. It looks basically like thousands of blinky christmas lights all over the bridge along with some sort of giant arduino mastermind program. It is nice that the bridge will be known for something other than “3rd most destroyed bridge in disaster movies throughout the ages”.

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