Disability Intersectionality Summit 2018 (Bay Area)

This week I’ve left the house every day. Something to celebrate as I’ve spent a couple of months at home. Saturday, I was SO excited to go to the DIS2018 Bay Area event. Danny and I took the bus and BART over to the Ed Roberts Center. This was nice in itself for me because … Continue reading “Disability Intersectionality Summit 2018 (Bay Area)”

Fun Days in Bernal Heights

Today I’m feeling deep appreciation for our sweet neighborhood in Bernal Heights. I spent the morning writing a book review in Pinhole Coffee, chatting with people sometimes and feeling thankful for JoEllen’s lovely cafe which gives such a good space for local community. On the way home I ran into Frank from Good Life (we … Continue reading “Fun Days in Bernal Heights”

Hipster Habit App; strategies to cope with pain

Last week I printed out my friend Amelia’s Hipster Habit App to try it out. How much more could I possibly love this little site that is just a one page pdf that you print and fold into a tiny pocket zine, but calls itself an “app”. Yay! So silly and awesome! I wrote “naps” … Continue reading “Hipster Habit App; strategies to cope with pain”