In which I rant about a minorly negative random encounter

Don’t be this weird hostile bus stop lady…. I was going to the bus stop yesterday, on a wide sidewalk on Mission, and I passed a couple who were standing by the bus stop bench about to sit down. I was hugging the wall by the pizza place and nail shop and about to turn … Continue reading “In which I rant about a minorly negative random encounter”

Warcross is awesome!!!

Warcross continues to deliver the goods! I love this book. The gamer/hacker heroine in her ripped up jeans and flannel shirt has now gone through the first draft for the Great Games or whatever they are called, and was picked first to be on the Phoenix Riders team even though she is a lowly level … Continue reading “Warcross is awesome!!!”

Further adventures

More early impressions of the Whill Model-CI. I took the J MUNI train to Dolores Park yesterday and it was pretty easy to do everything. I’m getting used to joystick driving, feeling more confident there. The new MUNI cars are spiffy – clean and sparkly even. The large front wheels of the Model CI were … Continue reading “Further adventures”

Whill-CI initial impressions

I took the Whill-CI to do some errands today. Here are my first impressions. Driving with a joystick is getting easier. I still have the (wrong) impulse to push harder to go faster. Definitely enjoying the extra speed and the comfortable seating. The wobbly wheel feeling is still there. It seems to be the way … Continue reading “Whill-CI initial impressions”

Disability Intersectionality Summit 2018 (Bay Area)

This week I’ve left the house every day. Something to celebrate as I’ve spent a couple of months at home. Saturday, I was SO excited to go to the DIS2018 Bay Area event. Danny and I took the bus and BART over to the Ed Roberts Center. This was nice in itself for me because … Continue reading “Disability Intersectionality Summit 2018 (Bay Area)”

Accessibility at the beach in Tulum and Akumal

I just got back from a fabulous vacation in Quintana Roo. We stayed in Tulum, in a small, funky, beachfront hotel zone, and then in Akumal. There is a lot to say about the trip but first of all, here are my notes on access, since that’s what I was looking for when I was … Continue reading “Accessibility at the beach in Tulum and Akumal”

What I did on my Portlandia vacation

Hello from SUNNY PORTLAND! It’s gorgeous here. I’m enjoying scootering all over town, seeing friends, eating delicious food and loafing around with Danny. I spent Friday with Selena and her awesome cute baby and her cat Funny. We talked about a million things and had coffee and doted on the baby. I do love babies!!! … Continue reading “What I did on my Portlandia vacation”

Taxis who refuse wheelchairs

I enjoy coming to Portland and taking the awesomely accessible train from PDX airport to downtown, but I got in a little late for my conference dinner, so, figuring it would save time, I headed to the taxi dispatch line to get a cab. I was traveling by myself, with my manual Quickie Ti wheelchair … Continue reading “Taxis who refuse wheelchairs”