Talking with the city about ramps

After I sent a bit of an email blast to everyone in the city government I could think of who might be able to help, I got a super nice response. A city technician, Charlie, called me and left voicemail; I called him back and we met half an hour later outside my house. There … Continue reading “Talking with the city about ramps”

Hacking City Hall

My experiences with activism, and also my peripheral awareness of politically savvy friends, taught me some things that aren’t automatic knowledge. In this case, I would like a 4-way stop sign at an intersection near my house. I would also like curb cuts — sloping ramps from the sidewalks to the street — at the … Continue reading “Hacking City Hall”

In which I am cranky and grateful about access in Chicago!

(I wrote part of this before BlogHer but forgot to post it!) Anyone other people with disabilities going to BlogHer, by the way? I have not tried to mobilize to find out, but I’m wondering. I am going to be able to get around town pretty well with regular taxis. My wheelchair folds up and … Continue reading “In which I am cranky and grateful about access in Chicago!”

Pissed off cyborg in your face

New! Originally uploaded by cdent If this round of wheelchair use keeps for for much longer, then finally everyone in the known universe will have gone through their awkward reactions and I can stop having the most annoying boring conversation ever. Here is something I wrote for WisCon. If only I could have forced all … Continue reading “Pissed off cyborg in your face”