Main Gallery, RWC

A couple of interesting events coming up in Redwood City:

– Unbound: new paintings and mixed media on the nature of history, memory, and the experience of reading, by Barbara Kirst & David M. Baltzer – July 5th – Aug. 6th –

I missed the reception but will make sure to catch the exhibit next week.

– The Poetic Image – All-Gallery Anniversary Show Aug 9 – Sept. 10, reception Aug. 13 4-7pm. My homies the Not Yet Dead Poets Society will be there! Poetry readings 4-6pm, Open Mike 6-7pm.

4 thoughts on “Main Gallery, RWC

  1. LIZ, OMG.

    I have now remembered where I remember you from WisCon.


    I mean, how big a fucking moron am I that I didn’t recognise you as the funny lady with the adorable son and the awesome dress? HOW BIG A MORON?


    Hi. I thought you were awesome then, and I think you’re awesome now.

    Karen, of Girls Read Comics.

  2. Wait a minute, are you trying to say you were at BlogHer too? And I didn’t know you? duuuuuude! And you were the 2 people sitting so quietly there at the table while I freaked out about having to stand up in front of everyone?!

    Next year! Or… anytime you’re in the Bay Area… MUST CONNECT… You’re so awesome and fierce and articulate!

    p.s. r… that is the best icon. the ascii art and 20 sider! i’m dying with laughter!

  3. No, neither of us were at BlogHer – I just saw a picture of you while reading about it on another blog I read, and I was all “oh, I recognize her!” and then I mentioned it to Karen and she did the “OH, RIGHT” thing, and then…we left comments.

    And thanks, I love this icon. The ascii art is what really reinforces the message of “geek”. 😉

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