Blogday, Aug. 31 – at my house!

Hey y’all. As if BlogHer and Woolfcamp weren’t enough conferences! I thought I’d throw a small house party to encourage participation in BlogDay.

Here’s the party details, including a map, on You can get here easily from Caltrain and there’s plenty of parking on the street.

The point of Blogday is to blog internationally. I’ve been doing this on Blogher for blogs in Spanish. For Blogday I’ll pick a language I don’t know, and try to search on Technorati and other services, using automatic translators! So, join me and we’ll all flounder around. Or pick a language you do know — or link to photoblogs, art blogs, music blogs, podcasts, or videoblogs.

The idea is just to look outside of your own culture, language, country, ethnicity, class, or all of those qualities — and pay attention — to link to at least 5 bloggers. I think it would be a good idea to comment on the blogs we come across in the process.

Anyway, this could be super fun to do in a group! My office, living room, kitchen, and yard are all at your disposal. Afterwards we could all walk over to Amelia’s for some Salvadorean food and a beer!

1 thought on “Blogday, Aug. 31 – at my house!

  1. Is is just a coincidence that you came across my blog ? – I was at the Intersection for the Arts reading you did, I’m volunteering there for the summer ! Small world !

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