Cooperative Discardia!

You can see the floor in my living room and office now! Minnie came over to my house last week and helped clean and organize. Mostly, we went through stacks of papers. About 20 grocery bags of recycling, trash, and donations left the house. She worked all day cleaning my house and whipping me into paying attention! I was not allowed to slack!

Here’s my office,

there was no floor here

and the living room has open space now. I know, it’s a narrow room, but compared to how it was before we went through the tubs of art supplies, piles of dvds and books, and just plain trash, it’s the wide open prairie.

Meanwhile, at Minnie’s house, we removed about 50 bags and backpacks from the bottom of her staircase, where the cat likes to pee on them. Then we tackled her studio. You can see her before and after photos over at Thank You for Not Being Perky. I believe a computer, an old carpet, an office chair, a small stack of Java and Javascript books, and 8623413 dust mice were removed from the vicinity!

I wonder if we could do this once a month with each other? I think ideally I’d have a Discardia and cleaning co-op. In that case though, we’d all end up with each other’s junk!