What if we just use our blogs as a replacement

Maybe I should just post six times a day like I used to, instead of twittering. Random thoughts and diary, intermixed with the longer, more thinky “important” posts. Mastodon still just breaks my head somehow (sorry). But I will make another stab: https://mastodon.social/@lizzard

Last night: Speakeasy night for EFF members at Zeitgeist. I have a pint of beer and get non-profit lawyer recs and gossip about children with Rebecca. Chovwe is staying with me and says he is fighting for his life (from the cold). We laid around on the couches talking about philosophy, good and evil, how fear motivates people to behave violently, and whether we are both too charming and witty for our own good; he quotes Mencius and I lose an hour looking at different translations of the Analects while he falls asleep snoring gently.

Today: I remembered to move the car for street sweeping. My knees hurt like fury. Nabumetone is not cutting it. Would I have tweeted all this? No, but I think it is preferable to the zombie like scrolling and retweeting, though it is lonelier feeling until we learn to comment on each other’s blogs again.

5 thoughts on “What if we just use our blogs as a replacement

  1. I like Twitter, where I have made friends, especially in musicology Twitter, and issued a few hot takes and lots of snark. It’s amazing for breaking news.

    Probably not leaving yet.

    I never stopped blogging but it’s all about music, not personal stuff, which goes into a much more private apa.

    1. I am not stopping with Twitter exactly, but I’m casting about for different habits and places to converse! I also love it for breaking news and for the odd random connections I’ve made with people.

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