Still not really a real post

Because I am very tired. Worked all day, hung out with my mom which was awesome, then went to NERT training class #5 which was also fun as we did disaster simulation exercises where we filled out FORMS, which i fucking loved, then walked home via Rock Bar which has delicious strong cocktails, and had a drink and a half and talked about 1 million things, now quite tipsy, also grateful to my past self for making a huge pot of chicken congee 2 days ago and how nice warm rice porridge is, just like Noah’s amazing plan for an artisanal porridge restaurant called GRUEL where people would pay 16 bucks for a wooden trencher of oats, rice, groats, or whatever, then more leaping several levels of nested conversations deep with Danny and so to bed. Did you know that in class 5 of 6 of the NERT training they ask you to sign a loyalty oath!?!!!!! I think that’s strange and wrong. Some of us had to text Seth. Others of us are a particular sort of pragmatist. Dammit, we forgot the free glass which was so beautiful, for Fort Point IPA. Danny is the best person to have conversations with, ever.

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