My job, told with Up-Goer Five text editor

Today I had fun reading xkcd’s Up Goer Five cartoon and then playing with the Up Goer Five text editor.


I tried describing my new job:

Many people at my job work together to make free things that go on computers to make it so everyone can see the words and pictures on other computers in the world. Everyone can see the words that make these free things. The biggest thing we make is named after an an animal and fire. Fire Animal Computer thing can go on a a computer, or a phone. It can even start a phone and make it go. That is new!

There are other computer things too, like Rain Noise Flying Animal and Water Tree Animal. They have new parts all the time. When the Fire Animal Computer Thing or the other computer things have a problem, people tell us about the problem. That problem goes in a very big computer box place together with all the other problems. That very big computer box place is named Big Pretend Long Ago Problem Animal.

My new job is to watch all the almost hundred hundred hundred problems in Big Pretend Long Ago Problem Animal. I will remind everyone in the world to work together on a big big team to fix the problems. I have to know many things to help them do it. On this team we will all tell the people to talk to each other. I look at the words and put other words on the computer to tell about the problems. I work with many other people that help put more words on the problems to help fix them.

Some day I will know many more things and many more people who fix the problems, especially with Fire Animal Computer Thing. I will help make ways to make the work easier. There will be more computer things that work almost by themselves to do the work. Then, all the Big Pretend Problem Animal work people like me will tell the computer thing making people some more things to help them fix the problems. We do it in a way that everyone can see!

We will work together so all the people in the world can talk with each other and see pictures with no problems, free, on a computer and on a phone. They can make many more things. We think everyone can help the world this way. Some day, everyone can know all the things. That will be very good.

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