How to help the 11 year old girl in Texas who got gang raped

This morning I woke up to a story from the New York Times about an 11 year old girl in Cleveland, Texas who was gang raped by more than 18 boys and men: Vicious Assault Shakes Texas Town. The NYT article focuses on the damage done to the boys and men, and by extension to the entire town. The men were described as being “drawn into” gang raping a little girl. The NYT then quotes residents who appear to be blaming the girl for being gang raped, because of the way she dresses.

Shakespeare’s Sister comments, “As horrible as this story is, the article serves as a great example of exactly what we mean by “rape culture.””

Here are a few more details of the case: 4 More Cleveland ISD students arrested, and 18 charged in gang rape of 11 year old. Up to 28 men and boys may ultimately be charged in the case.

The attacked is stated to have occurred in the home of one of the suspects, Timothy Ellis (19), and at an abandoned mobile trailer (around the corner form the home). According to official documents, Ellis asked the [alleged] victim is she wanted to ‘ride around’ before they arrived at his home. She was taken into his bedroom and told to remove her clothes or a group of girls would come to beat her up and she would not be taken home.

In the arrest warrant, it states that multiple individuals had sex with the minor as others took pictures and videos. The assault moved to the secondary location when the aunt of Ellis arrived home and made everyone leave the premises.

This morning, feeling sick to my stomach and sick at heart, I made a few phone calls. I called two women’s centers that provide rape crisis services in Liberty County, Texas: The Montgomery Women’s Center and New Horizons Family Center. Both serve that area with rape crisis counseling, advocacy, financial assistance, and emergency shelter. I donated to both women’s centers.

I also called the Liberty County Sheriff’s office at 936-336-4500 to ask if there is a victim assistance fund set up for the girl. The sheriff’s office was not aware of a fund and said that the case was being handled by the Cleveland Police Department. I called the Cleveland Police at 281-592-2622, and ended up leaving a message. I include the numbers so that interested readers can follow up. If such a fund doesn’t exist yet, I think it should, and likely they will set up one up if people start calling and asking where to donate.

I grew up in Northwest Houston not far from Cleveland, Texas. Next to a small town like Cleveland my suburbs were probably a cosmopolitan paradise. But I remember the kids’ and adults’ attitudes towards rape. It wasn’t good, people. This is a small town. The accused rapists include popular athletes, grown men, children of school board members, and so on. The girl is in foster care now and is probably going to have to move out of town. The town itself will likely just trash her reputation — a little kid!!! and rally round its golden boys. It’s bullshit. The media is reporting on how she dresses, what the town thinks of how she dresses, where she hangs out, whether she cusses on her Facebook page… ALL COMPLETELY NOT RELEVANT to her being kidnapped and brutally gang raped.

It disgusts me to think of the number of people walking around Cleveland, Texas who knew about this horrific rape and assault. The rapists themselves knew. The friends of the rapists knew. At some point everyone knew and likely had seen the videos, too. Some of them probably laughed. The rapists must have felt really big and proud and manly about being rapists whose acts of sexual violence were captured on cameraphone video. I bet they felt like real studs. Some of the kids who saw those videos had to have told their parents. Who probably didn’t do anything. The girl went to the principal of her school and told. I wonder how that played out for her, don’t you? I bet the school stalled like hell and then only reported it to the police when it was clear they had to cover their asses. All those people knew and they walk around just like regular people instead of feeling like the perpetrators and accomplices of pure evil.

Here is the list of the accused so far, the ones who aren’t minors:

The suspects previously arrested in the case are: Jared Glenn McPherson, 18; Kelvin Rashad King, 21; Marcus Anthony Porchia, 26; Devo Shaun Green, 20; Xavier King, 17; Eric Bernard McGowan, 19; Jared Len Cruse, 18; Isaiah Rashad Ross, 21; Timothy Daray Ellis, 19; Rayford Tyrone Ellis, Jr., 19, and Jamarcus Norris Napper.

I don’t care if these men’s lives are “ripped apart” because they raped someone, or watched someone get raped. All of y’all can go right to hell. You weren’t “drawn in” to gang rape. You decided to rape someone or stand by while your friends raped a girl. Seriously, fuck off and die.

The Houston Chronicle’s article makes it clear this girl and her family need immediate and serious help.

Someone has been making phone calls to Maria’s house. Police fear they’re coming from people seeking retribution.

“They keep calling and asking for her,” said Maria, whose last name is not being printed to protect her daughter’s identity. “They don’t believe me when I say she’s not here and cuss us out. They’re trying to find her. This is the time when she needs us the most.”

Logo for FM 1960 with Texas map

Anyway, please donate to the women’s centers that are local to Liberty County and Cleveland in Texas, and please help me get a victim assistance fund set up for this child. I wish she could see the supportive messages we’d all like to send her.

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    1. I’m not sure why I could not find a way to reply to Liz’s original post?

      I read about this last week and I’m horrified at the comments blaming the girl, blaming the mother, has nothing changed in this country since the 60s – 70s? This mindset is still the one that makes news? And what of these men, where were their parents. And what kind of a town is it that raises up men who are such misogynists? Where did they get the idea that it is okay to commit such acts on an 11 year old child. It’s not just parents that raised these men, it seems to be the cultural mindset of the town if what the article is quoting is true. The community should be coming together for this little girl and her mother, instead the community is tearing itself apart by pointing fingers and blaming the victim.

      The town is worried about being torn apart by this, if that’s what they’re worried about then they deserve it. They’re worried about the rapists lives being torn apart, you’ve got to be kidding me. They should have thought of that before they ruined this child’s life. Do these people get who the victim is here??? Apparently not!!!

      According to one article I read there was talk of going after the girl and if they couldn’t get to her they’d go after the mother? Apparently this poor child is hidden in some other county for fear of something bad happening to her and all she wants to do is go home? SICK, SICK, SICK!!!

      Let me know where to send funds, I can’t send much but I’ll contribute some. I also have a group of friends who might be willing to contribute, maybe I can pool their money and send it to whatever is set up for this child. I’ll try.


    “I don’t care if these men’s lives are “ripped apart” because they raped someone, or watched someone get raped. All of y’all can go right to hell. You weren’t “drawn in” to gang rape. You decided to rape someone or stand by while your friends raped a girl. Seriously, fuck off and die.”


    I’ll pledge $20.

    1. SO SO said the one who did this is not a MAN. LOWER THAN A DOG CUT IT OFF AND DRAND HIM PUT HIN IN JAIL FOR LIFE IN A SAIL BY HIM SEF. NO BREAD AND WATHER IT is hared but (FOR GIVE HIM] GOD BE WITH YOU) YUO ARE NOT ALONE As A man I aam sorry abouy what this DOG DID TO YUu.

  2. What amazes me is that people are asking “Where was her mother?” I’d like to know where the parents were of the 18 men who did this. They should be charged as accomplices.

    1. Or, to give an undeserved benefit of the doubt, if people noticed the girl hanging around a dangerous area “for months” they could have tried finding out about her parents.

      This community breaks my brain.

  3. That’s not just gang rape, which is unbelievably savage and evil in itself, it’s worse than that, it’s an act of gang pedophilia. Eleven year olds are kids.

    I can’t believe anyone is still so dimwitted that they think any person on earth could possibly be “asking for it”. No one invites that shit. A person should be able to walk the world naked and expect not to be raped.

    Hearing this story makes me want to vomit.

    and then, though it is 100% not okay of me, I want to hurt all those men. Every last one of them should be locked up for the rest of their lives and be prosecuted as pedophiles. I’m so angry that this can happen in this day and age.

    I will make the calls. Are you sending money via check to the women’s shelters? Or do they have a secure way to donate online?

  4. (Sending them to jail is totally acceptable, the thing I really want – which is medieval of me and not okay- I want them all to be made into eunuchs.)

    1. So basically, you’re saying you’d like to see sexual violence directed at middle schoolers. Forced genital mutilation being sexual violence. Or is it just the adults?

      In no way does this detract from the compassion I feel for the victim (especially since I was sexually assaulted myself when I wasn’t much older) but this whole meme of “Respond to sexual violence with more sexual violence!” needs to die. Especially when it’s coming from supposed feminists, who should know better.

      We can express support for this child & our desire for justice without resorting to that.

      1. Says someone sitting 100s or 1000s of miles away from the crime scene, totally safe in his home or office.

        Did you bother to understand what you read?

        The school, the cops, the parents and families of the rapists, all of them – about 50-100 grown people are directly related or accused.
        And about 1000 know those people in turn.
        And everyone blames the victim.
        A reaction of demanding reciprocal justice is perfectly understandable from anyone who sympathises with the victim.
        You want to talk policy and long term civic sense, first get those people arrested and convicted, then come back to preach policy.

        1. I think that the point that Kameena is making is that violence will not end violence. Holding those men and boys accountable is what needs to happen. We can not change a rape culture/violent society by instilling more violence. Also, it is possible that some of these men were victims of sexual violence themselves and it could play a large role in why they did what they did. I am in no way saying that they have excuses for what they did. There is no excuse to do what they did. I do think that responding violently towards these men will just reinforce their belief that violence is an acceptable form of resolution.

  5. I live in Liberty County. This girl is from a poor area. Thanks for encouraging people to donate to local organizations. I think it would help the area more to donate to an organization already set up. This area has very few resources because we are close to Houston but the larger counties get more while ours is forgotten. Donations would help others get the help they need as well.

    1. Trish the Bridgehaven web site donation page isn’t working. I just tried to donate there and after I filled out the form, the donation is rejected. I’m going to cal them and let them know.

  6. Liz, I just spoke with Melissa, the administrative assistant at the Cleveland Police Department. She said she is not aware of a fund, but took my name and number said she would look into it and call me back. I’ll let you know if i receive any further info.

  7. Please post when a fund is set up and explain how to donate so I can share the information on facebook. I know many of my friends would like to donate as well.

  8. Melissa called me back and referred me to Kathy Slack (though when I got her voicemail it sounded like she said her name is Kathy Low — maybe she was recently married?) the Victim Assistance Coordinator at the District Attorney’s office. That phone number is 936-336-4609. I called and have left a message. I’ll update again when I have more info…

  9. There aren’t words.

    I just called the Cleveland, TX Police Department and inquired about the victim’s assistance fund for the 11 year old victim of the recent gang rape. I was told by the woman who answered the phone that she would transfer me to Detective Linedon (Sp?) who was handing it. I ended up in the voice mailbox of Darrell Brussard (Sp?), and left my name and number. I let him know that many of us who are bloggers were just learning about the case, that we would like to do something to help, and asked him to get back to me.

  10. Thanks, Diana. I called 936-336-4609 and confirmed that her name is Kathy Low. Left a message as well. Hopefully we’ll get some news on this soon, and word about what we can do to help.

    This is wrong is so many way, and the wrongs keep on compounding. From the articles Liz posted it’s clear we can’t assume that the victim will have right done by her.

    1. I urge all of you to write letters to the editors of the New York Times and object to the biased, sexist tone of the article. I have already written my protest to them. This reporting was substandard for the New York Times — to say the least — and the editors need to hear a howl of protest.

  11. I saw this posted on twitter and am horrified. I don’t see any way you can twist it and portray the girl as anything but a victim when she is 11 years old!

  12. Thanks everyone, I just went to rehab swim class, and came back to find all these comments and thoughts about donation – and more on Twitter and Facebook. That was really heartening and helps me not to despair about the world in general.

    Trish, it’s good to hear from Liberty County local! You’re suggesting Bridgehaven as a good local organization for donation? I’m happy to roll with that. I know some people are going to want to donate directly, which I think is also very helpful. I like to support organizations *and* put in extra in direct help in cold hard cash with no strings attached in emergencies.

  13. Called and spoke to the DA office. No specific fund has been set up yet, but there is a general fund. I asked that a specific fund be set up, but I honestly don’t trust it would make it’s way to the victim.

    I left a message after being transferred around about 5 times. I don’t know who they transferred me to, but it’s important to pepper these offices with requests, questions, and demands.

    In the meantime, it’s probably best to donate to either of the women’s centers.

    Thank you people!!! Please remember to call, and share the story on your networks and what you did. We certainly can’t just fix it, but we can do what we can. It does make a difference. I know that it’s at least restoring some of my faith in humanity.

      1. My checks for $40 are in the mail for the women’s centers. Even if the cash doesn’t make it to the victim in this case, it sounds as if the region is strapped for resources. My heart goes out to this town, which is obviously sick in a myriad of ways, and it could only take educational resources such as these to help turn the tide.

        Here’s to hoping this will make it on Frontline!!!!!

    1. I posted the link to this blog to my Facebook page, and at least one other Facebook friend has also posted it. We really need to rise up and holler about the abuse of this particular child, and the rape culture in general.

  14. I feel so sad and scared to be raising my daughter in a country where things like this not only happen but are considered tragic for the perpetrators. I want to call this unbelievable, but it’s not. I can believe it. I still remember the Spur Posse story breaking and the “boys will be boys and the girls are just trash” attitude that pervaded the whole event. As appalling as that was, though, none of the guys ever claimed to have been “drawn in” to brutalizing a child.

    I’ll pledge $100 to the victim’s fund. Thank you to all of you who are making phone calls and gathering information. I’ll keep checking back here for details about where to send my donation. And I expect I’ll be donating to the women’s shelters as well.

    I’d really like to see an education fund set up for young people. I remember in high school an alcoholic came in and talked to us about his disease. I remember learning basic plumbing issues in middle school. No one ever talked to us about the difference between sex and sexual assault. Kids need to be learning that.

  15. I know, somewhat, how this girl feels.

    At 13, I lived just north of Houston. I was raped by a local boy whose parents own a prominent establishment, and who, over a decade later, now plays for a relatively high-profile professional sports team in another city. When I walked in to the principal’s office with his handprint on my neck, my makeup streaked and my clothes a rumpled mess, the principal wouldn’t let me get the word “rape” out of my mouth before escorting me out of his office with a curt, “I’ll take care of it.”

    I’ve never reported it because if my own principal, someone designated to protect me, didn’t care, then why would anyone else? I don’t report it now because I don’t want my life to be defined by being “that girl who accused that athlete of rape.”

    I will do whatever I can to help this girl, whatever it takes.

    1. I think your commitment is wonderful baby girl, but help yourself too. Have you gotten any support for your pain?

  16. This kind of news story ruins me. There are those of us who NEED to do something and contribute to this victims well being in order to move on. This should be national news like the Richmond gang rape of a high school girl at her homecoming dance. If there is moving on from hearing news like this donating something helps… and lets the victim know that she is supported in her darkest days. The older I get the more I realize there’s way more perverts in the world then I previously imagined. What can be done about this grossly misdirected sexual conduct of young men today. It astonishes me. It always will. Messed up. No words.

  17. We’ve started a fund for her via our website ( and we’ve donated $250 to get the effort started. I am from Chicago but will be traveling to Atlanta, Georgia on March 21 and I am thinking of driving to Columbus, Texas to hand deliver the check to the police because she is a minor and her identity should be protected. Please feel free to contact me.

    1. Decoi, I love your blog and am excited that you have set up a fund.

      A question: Given the run-around that folks are getting from the Liberty County Police, and given the doings of police in general, do you truly want to hand them a check and hope they’ll do the right thing with it? I’m wondering if you’d consider it going to:

      a, the victim’s mother Maria (if anyone is able to connect with her directly) or

      b, a fund through Kathy Low, Victim Assistance Coordinator at the District Attorney’s office IF she can confirm such a fund will be used for the victim in this case. That phone number is 936-336-4609 or

      c,, as a local group working for victims.

      I’ll be checking here, and your blog too, to donate if one of these specific places/people are the direct recipients. Thanks, and maybe we’ll meet in person as I’m in Chicago as well : ).

      Ona MOVE!

        1. Liz,

          Thank you because my business partner and I had lost hope and we were going to take the donation button down and just send our portion to the local Police station. I will email you photos of the check and document all progress on the PLBG website as well as come here and give you updates. Thank you for having a heart.

          1. Thank you for putting up the donation button! Maybe I could put a copy of your ChipIn widget into this post. Seems like we should be able to find a local who’s trustable through our social networks to pass the money on!

      1. @Seditious, you would think that the out pouring support would make the police or someone get off their asses and have a general fund so that we ALL can donate as opposed to one person sending money individually. I am appalled that there has been a fund set up for the defense of these MONSTERS.

        I have two friends (Houston & Austin) who’re scrambling violently to find out ANYTHING about the mother because that’s who I really want to hand or mail the money to. I can believe the lack of coverage it’s just outrageous. If I cannot get it to the mother, I will contact Kathy Low and my last resort will be to give it to the police.

  18. If anyone knows the names of the attorneys defending these scum I would like to know names so I can write to their offices.

    1. Attorney James D. Evans III, and I saw a clip on CNN where they are trying to blame the 11 year old for her attack.

  19. The reason is I had read that one of the attorneys for the scum smirked and insinuated that the girl may have asking for it because of the way she dressed/or acted This is an 11 year old! What kind of scum attorney would even INSINUATE that an 11 year old has any accountability in this sick attack?? If anyone can back this up please give the attorney name- I would love to call his office and start the ball rolling to disbar anyone from blaming a child for this.

      1. What an f’d up non sequitur from the attorney. Women and girls (though clearly the latter raises concerns about being sexualized too early) can want to be porn stars, and become porn stars, and that most certainly is not an invitation for sexual assault. If that’s the defense this attorney plans, it would be very constructive if the women and men in the industry, particularly people producing sex-positive porn, would address this attempt to conflate pedophilia and rape with the sexual expression of consenting adults.

        I can’t even comprehend how people are saying this girl was dressed provocatively — kids run around in bathing suits and athletic clothing all the time. This is not a sexual overture to anyone because they’re CHILDREN and healthy, sane adults do not think of interacting with them sexually.

        As everyone else has said — there are no words, this is wrong on every possible level. It’s excellent that so many people are contacting the local authorities about the case because the victim is much more likely to get proper care and protection if the public servants in the town feel “watched.” The rapists are also less likely to get lost in the system because most judges in Texas are elected and are sensitive to public opinion that can damage their careers.


    1. Plenty of them make comments like that – even female attorneys. Lawyers can represent their clients without resorting to smear campaigns against victims, but most of them seem to operate in a knee-jerk, nasty mode, especially in rape and domestic violence cases.

  20. I wholly agree with you, Liz. I sent $25 to the shelter. I know it’s not much, but it’s something.

    If there’s a fund, I’ll be glad to send another $25 to it!

  21. I was able to make online donations just now to both of the women’s organizations in that crappy little town. One of the centers allows donations to be made in honor of a particular person, so I made it in honor of “the 11-year-old child who was gang-raped.”

  22. I was recently in contact with the Cleveland TX police department, they’ve had calls from all over the US about this, and when i placed the call they were shocked at hearing it had reached Sweden.
    We’re a small group of people now that want to donate to a long term fund to help this girl.

    I’m also waiting to hear back from the DA.

    And Evans, is a douche. the worst kind.

  23. I’ll call that local police dept. again on Monday morning to check if they have a victim assistance fund yet. If anyone local to Cleveland can get the money to this family or can get them to contact me, it would be lovely to just send them cash.

  24. Apparently as humans we are to stuborn to acknowlege how our children act and dress along with activities they are involved in. Everything I have listed are relevent in defining who is or becomes a target. Is it right? no but can we do somehting about it yes? We can educate ourselves and our families instead of ignoring certain signs.

    1. Well, we DO need to educate each other and and girls about actions to minimize our chances of sexual assault, including taking classes in self-defense that are geared towards females. But no matter what WE do, (in any society that is not Matriarchal) somebody will rape and molest. And if we become staunch upholders of a woman’s right to walk around naked without unwanted touch, then we make a great leap towards raising a generation of young women who can not only protect themselves better, but be part of shifting the terms of debate. That’s no small matter, as this case shows. Both laws and individuals can be changed when we begin with getting the public discourse on forms of oppression set properly.

  25. “The accused rapists include popular athletes, grown men, children of school board members, and so on. The girl is in foster care now and is probably going to have to move out of town. The town itself will likely just trash her reputation — a little kid!!! and rally round its golden boys.”

    You think they are white don’t you? Would you be surprised to learn the accused are black and the victim is hispanic? Does that change your view of the case? Crazy you say? A “feminist” blogger wrote this…

    “…if we condemn this group of black male attackers without interrogating the social and systemic structures that produced this violent incident and will inform the attacker’s prosecution, we will fail to form and sustain alliances with people of color and groups that work for racial equality.”

    Is “forming and sustaining alliances” more important than coming down like a ton of ugly bricks on a group of criminals?

  26. What has this world come 2. Predatory people need 2 be held accountable. This is another blemish on what we all conceder ourselves, Civilized! Oh yah at least these boys will get a taste of agony in prison.Rapers get raped!!!!

  27. Actually, I did not assume the child was white. If she’d been white, the Times would have been horrified at the rape, calling for the swift and brutal imprisonment of the men. I remember Tawana Brawley all too well, and I don’t believe we will ever know the truth about that case – but I do remember she was a child of 15, accused 6 grown men of raping her, and the media trashed her brutally. I also remember the Central Park jogger case….. the media were more than ready to canonize her and condemn the alleged rapists, several of whom were children, and were wrongfully imprisoned and later released on DNA evidence. Black or white is an issue as far as media treatment, no doubt. But the fact remains, this is a CHILD. Raped by GROWN MEN. Those men need to be put away from the rest of society for a good long time, and to be kept away from children forever after. I don’t know or care what they look like, that little girl needs to be loved and cared for by someone. Those ‘men’ (if you can call them that,) need to go away for good. And this culture needs to stop trashing girls and women.

  28. “Actually, I did not assume the child was white. If she’d been white,..”
    You didn’t read my post. I wasn’t talking about the victim I was talking about the accused. You thought the accused were white. It’s obvious by the way you talk about them (“goldenboys”)

    I don’t blame you. The NYT story went out of its way to hide the races of the accused. “Rural Texas town” = “white redstater good ol’ boys” to a lot of readers, and that is exactly what the NYT wanted its readers to think. It was a disgrace of a story for a number of reasons.

    I don’t know if race had anything to do with the crime itself, but I’ve no doubt it has much to do with the “community’s” defense of the accused.

    “Those men need to be put away from the rest of society for a good long time, and to be kept away from children forever after.” We are in 100% agreement on that, but what do you think of a self proclaimed “feminist” who thinks political alliances are more important than justice for a young victim?

    You have a good memory. But while we’re on the subject of the media’s attitude toward interacial rape, you certainly remember the media’s treatment of the Duke Lacrosse case? They weren’t shy about giving the race of the accused in that case.

    I would add that my beef is not with Black people (there is good and bad in all races) my beef is with the mainstream media and it’s hypocricy.

  29. I noticed in the houston chronicle article, they mentioned that the family is having a lot of trouble paying their mortgage. the houston chronicle article had the email address of the woman who wrote the article (who was WAY more sensitive than the NYT reporter!).
    I just wrote her an email, included a link to this thread, and stated that there are people who want to help the girl and her family financially. I said that I know she needs to keep her sources private, but any help she could give would be appreciated.
    I’ll let all of you know if/when she responds. This is an awesome idea, thanks for organizing!

    1. ocean c., that’s exactly what I did too! I wrote to the Chronicle reporter and asked if she could put me in touch with someone who would pass on some cash.

  30. Hey everyone,

    A bunch of us at UC Berkeley and Mills College (in the SF Bay Area) have been trying to get in touch with the Liberty County Victim’s Assistance Fund to see about starting a fund for this little girl and her family. They keep telling us that they have a general fund we can donate to – or that they’ll call us back when/if they ever do. I was reading an article this morning that said that the folks at Bridgehaven Children’s Advocacy Center had spoken to the victim and her family. So, I called them to ask about starting a fund particularly for this little girl. The director is supposed to call me back in a little while – and hopefully we can move forward in starting a fund for her and her family. They’re SUPER nice at Bridgehaven and I think they’ll be of the most help in directing funds to this family. I’ll post in a couple hours when I’ve found out for sure. Keep blogging about this and raise some awareness!

  31. Oh, also, have y’all heard from the reporter at the Houston Chronicle yet? That’s a really good idea, too.

  32. Hey! Good News! Just talked to the folks at Bridgehaven Children’s Advocacy Center and they’re working hard to set up a fund specifically for this little girl and her family. I told them about how many of us are wanting to help her and the woman I spoke to was really wonderful. They’re talking to their board members this week about starting a fund for her and that will hopefully be up and running soon. She asked to keep my info for when they know for sure. I’ll keep posting on here, facebook and twitter – and we will hopefully be able to help this family out!

  33. I believe that these men should be punished no doubt, they should have used their own judgment. I do not feel sorry for them, they need to reap their consequences, but I am also asking “where was her mother?” Lets all be realistic, the girl was 11 years old. She should have been in the house. Its true that she is not to blame, but some of this responsibility should lie at her parents door step as well. As parents, it is our responsibility to protect our children to the best of our abilities. For no reason should an 11 year old child be roaming the streets at night time. Someone commented “is this the 50’s or 60’s” no it is not but parents back then were more aware of their children whereabouts than now, if you don’t believe me think about when you were a child growing up. I think that this poor child should be taken to a safe place and the mother and “unemployed” father should also be charged with child neglect, along with every male that had sex with her should be all imprisoned.

    1. I’m going to try and answer you calmly and rationally.
      The points you raise about parenting skills has nothing to do with rape. Do you understand that? Rape. has to do with consent of the individual, meaning there was none, or with exploitation of a minor. Do you understand this?

      The idea of blaming the mother for what happened is conflation of two different ideas. Her mother not being around didn’t get her raped. Her father’s absence did not get her raped. Her roaming the streets also didn’t get her raped. Her wearing older outfits and looking older didn’t get her raped.

      She was raped because men chose to do it.

      Let me repeat that.

      She was raped because OTHER PEOPLE chose to do that TO HER.

      Please understand this distinction and you will see that much of what you wrote participates in what is known as rape culture – the belief that people that are raped are somehow putting themselves in the situation to be raped. It takes the focus away from the people perpetrating the crime of rape.

      To blame the parents for child neglect because their daughter was raped is also conflation of the same ideas. Certainly the situation should be investigated to make sure she is being cared for but I would never think of holding the parents to equal responsibility to the people that held this little girl – this child – down, stripped her of her clothes, and took turns inserting themselves into her.

      It is not the same thing, and you need to look beyond that or risk in perpetuating rape culture stereotypes.

      1. one of the most clearly written statements explaining the problem in our country’s thinking of this type of crime

    2. Carolyn, if we’re going to blame the victim’s mother, why not blame the perpetrators’ mothers too? Why didn’t their mothers’ know where they were? Some of the older perpetrators were known criminals, why were the mothers of the minor perpetrators allowing their children to hang out with known criminals? Why didn’t the mothers of all the rapists, young and old, teach their sons not to rape? Why is it so easy to blame victims and their mothers instead of rapists?

  34. I cant find words that express how i feel about this …hell i cant even think of any way to describe it words just don’t suffice what I would love to do to those pathetic worthless excuses for human beings that raped this little girl they don’t deserve to exist let alone be defended by anyone family, friends it doesn’t matter there is absolutely no excuse for what they did and the way the media covered it and attempted to blame her was despicable it makes me sick and the attorney ‘Seeking attention” “She wanted to be a pornstar” even if that were true to imply that that means she was asking for it that it makes it alright makes me want to vomit I don’t know if and when I’ll be able to donate anything but ill try and i apologize if i ranted a little much this one gets to me

  35. What I can’t understand about this (other than the pure disgusting nature of the situation) is that from a psychological point this was not a crime of passion or for sexual gratification. Most rapes are about control and power so the defense, excuse me, excuses, they are using ie: “She wore make up” “She looked older than she is” are completely void. It’s so heartbreaking and sickening to see that there are actually people out there who will try to defend these monsters and place blame on anyone other than them in this case or in any other. There is absolutely no reason for this to have happened.

  36. I’d like to donate as well. We all have to keep battling evil in this world. If we don’t do anything then evil will continue to destroy. Life in prison for all with no chance of parole. When a fund is set-up please email me.

    1. Or somebody please post on this site the information regarding where we all can donate for this child… Thank-you

  37. This story sicks me on how the people in a community acts and blames the victim. My sister was raped and the cops did nothing and blamed her. I do believe that god will judge these boys and give them the punishment they deserve. I do wish the girl gets the help she deserves and recovers from this and can enjoy her life.

  38. As others have said, there are no words to explain the insanity of this. Men raped a child. They have no defense. It was a crime. They need to be brought to justice.

    This makes me physically sick and so, so sad. I wish that I could hug the little girl and tell her it’s not her fault. Let her know that she’s beautiful and deserves to be treated with respect.

    I was sexually assaulted as a young girl. I never told anyone about it until I was about 40 years old. I still didn’t get the hug that I wanted and needed. I want to hug her.

    1. I’m trying to get people to write to the editor of the local newspaper, hoping that if enough people write to them they’ll run a story about how even though the community is divided, people around the nation know that the poor girl is a victim and support both her and her family, because we KNOW rape is not the victim’s fault.

      We’re emailing Vanesa Brashier, the Editor of this newspaper’s article:

      Some people are writing their own, some people are just sending this:


      Dear Vanesa,

      As a proud American citizen, I was shocked to see the comments on your paper’s online story:

      The idea that anyone could blame an 11 year old and hold her accountable for being gang-raped is repulsive and horrifying to me. She should be supported by her community! It doesn’t matter where her parents were, where were the parents of the rapists? What lessons and values did they teach their sons that made them do such a heinous crime? That made them think gang raping an 11 year old was acceptable?

      Where were THEIR parents when they were becoming rapists?

      I am ashamed that a city with people who would blame an 11 year old for her own gang rape is in my country. That’s the kind of outrage I expect to read about happening in a third world country. Not in the U.S.A.

      Blaming an 11 year-old child for her rape sends the message to all rape victims that rape is it their fault when we should be blaming the rapists and our culture that tells them rape is excusable. Rape is never the victim’s fault, no matter what she was wearing, how she behaved, or whether she has been sexually active in the past. We should be talking about the rapist’s behavior not the victim’s and sending the message that rape is never acceptable

      I hope you print this email, so that the girl and her family know that even if they don’t have the support of their own community – which is not surprising since that community apparently teaches their sons that rape is the victim’s fault – they have the support of people throughout the nation. We hope that she does not blame herself, and we do not blame her. We blame the true perpatrators, the rapists that are seen on the video.

      (your name)
      (your state)

      I think the more that people write to this newspaper, the more likely it will be that this will run as a story and this little girl will know that even if she is condemened by her community, not everyone condemns her, and maybe that will – in time – also help her to heal.

  39. I survived a few episodes of child sexual abuse but far worse were the sexual attacks and bullying I survived during my middle school years. I diligently reported what happened to the school I was attending and was told “boys will be boys” and that basically I should “just get over it.” I never did.

    As a grown woman now in her forties, I remember the fear, the taunts and the constant illness I felt. My mother and I often cried together. My father, who was disabled, would pick me up from school and holler at the boys, but they laughed. What he could he really do?

    I left that town when I turned 18 and didn’t look back. Two of the boys who attacked me went on to commit further crimes. One died in a “death by cop” shoot out when he was still a relatively young man. This was after he’d raped the three-year-old daughter of one of his girlfriends. The other guy spent many years behind bars for a variety of sexual and non-sexual crimes.

    The law in this country is quite clear: an 11-year-old child cannot consent to sex on any level. No matter how she dresses, behaves or looks, she has no comprehension about the complex issues that having sex bring nor can her body withstand the physiological mechanics of intercourse, both vaginal and anal. Especially by the number of violators who are alleged to have attacked this child. They took a precious a flower and pulled off every last fresh petal. That wasn’t enough, though. After that, they fed what was left to a woodchipper. How do we expect her shredded little soul to recover from this?

    In any case, I stand with you and agree we should do all we can to make this child whole again.

  40. I cannot even speak for the horror I feel. It took an hour before I could even calm down enough to write these words. I write them through the salty taste of tears from old wounds revisited. I can only tell you that if you haven’t seen the movie silent hill that you should watch it, it’s what I wish upon this town of diseased minds and bankrupt souls. I speak from a place of knowing what it means to have your innocence ripped from you at a young age. I know this precious natural resource will never be truely innocent ever again. They have taken something from this innocent girl that cannot ever be returned. For that they deserve nothing less that eternal darkness. If it were within my powers they would all be there now.


  41. Liz, thank you for posting this. I, like the others who have responded am absolutely horrified by this story. My heart breaks for the little 11 year old victim. It sickens me to think of the brutality that this poor child suffered, and even more sickening to learn that some people in the community are blaming her for the heinous actions of these bastards. Absolutely appalling!! I have a suggestion. We all want to help the little girl and get a fund started for her. I have emailed Nancy Grace to tell her about the story and see if there is anything she can do to help us. May God bless you for your spirit and may God put His arms of love and protection around the little girl and her family.

  42. Please keep us up to date on where exactly to write our checks or what PayPal account is set up. I want to contribute to this child’s welfare, but I don’t know how or where.

    Give me the info so I can write a check today.

    Thank you for informing us of this horrible incident. Unfortunately, it is not an isolated case.

  43. Hey everybody. I donated to Brookhaven. I’ll call them again on Monday and check to see if they have a fund set up. Then I can email everyone on this thread with the update!!

  44. I called an asked if such a fund existed or if I could be any assistance in setting one up. I made clear I did not want details about the girl or case, just wanted to know where to donate and if such a place did not exist, could I create one.

    If anyone can get her lawyer’s contact information, it would be great help and we wouldn’t need to know her name…

  45. The whole thing is horrible, but why isnt the main suspects aunt being charged? How could she come home to a group of men raping a little girl in her mobile home (which arent very big) and not know what was going on? Since she didnt call the police doesnt she have some legal responsibility? I mean it’s not like she was some innocent bystander who happened upon this (where your morals should still tell you to help but legally you have no responsibility) this happened in her home, and instead of stopping it all she did was make them leave?

  46. My stomach is churning and all I want to do is vomit. This is horrendous. If I could have posted this on my facebook page in order to push for support, I totally would have. I didn’t see a button on this page to do so. But clearly, the whole “good ole boys” club is still prominent in the states and it just makes me want to cry in frustration that a “child” is trying to be converted into the enemy. If I wasn’t so broke right now, I would totally want to give…I win the lottery I will pay for this girls attorney’s fees. Please universe, all the positive and loving energy to this child…and blessings to those who can and will give and for those who share this story with others.

  47. The whole town should be ashamed. I guess I was just raised better than to blame a child for such a horrific incident. I remember what it’s like to be an eleven year old girl. Let me tell you, she was defenseless! It doesn’t matter how the girl looked, dressed, spoke, or otherwise. She did not welcome those men into her body, she was raped (even if she had “consented” she’s not old enough to do so). Rape is rape, no matter if you are a male, female, old, young, drunk, drugged, slutty, whatever! They can say the girl was “asking for it” or whatever they have to tell themselves in order to justify their actions to in their own minds. It doesn’t change the facts. My heart and prayers go out to this little girl. And to the rapists… my you rot in Hell.

  48. Sylvia Gonzales, an organizer with LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens), has set up a fund for the victim and her family.
    online donations can be made through
    Amegy bank
    under: Cleveland crime victim benefit fund

    checks can be sent by post to:

    Sylvia Gonzales
    10102 elm knoll trail

  49. Thank you Katha! That’s very helpful! I looked that up and found some articles:

    There isn’t an online donation spot that I could find on the Amegy Bank site. I’ll email Sylvia Gonzales now and ask if she might set up a ChipIn page for people to donate online, or if she can’t, I could just make one and then mail her a check.

  50. The company that owns the Cleveland Advocate can be reached at 281-668-1100. Do what you can, go over the editors head. This is the corporate headquarters direct phone number. I used to work for this company and it sickens me to know that they are allowing an article to be printed that focuses on the impact of the males that did this to a child.

  51. In the early 70’s I was a sexually abused kid who’s reputation was trashed, I was called whore. I cannot tell you how devastating it was or how it has affected my life since, even now at 52. Please, let’s help this girl. Please start a fund for her health care and education. Please get her sue the pants off of every one of her abusers and grind them into the dirt they are.

    1. I know what you mean. My ambition at this point is to help the family as it sounds like they are struggling and in poverty. They are probably homeless at this point and the girl is in foster care.

  52. Wish I could find these scum out and take them one by one somewhere quiet and cut their balls off and take pictures of them as they bleed to death. Then call their parents and wifes and girlfriends and laugh down the phone. An 11 year old child FFS? Where are MSNBC investigating this shit instead of entrapping perverts in a sting? Get out to this town and harass these peoadophiles and throw all of them in jail for life, and include those who defend them too….

  53. I am struck dumb in the face of this kind of barbarism. It is, indeed, a microcosm of the twisted, sociopathic behaviors perpetrated by males not only in our current society, but for the last 3,000 years. And it is psychopathic and irrational. It astounds me that we all know that adult males are just developmentally delayed, emotionally immature boys, and yet, we allow them to run our political, economic and social systems. They are unworthy trustees for the people and for the planet. These men are also the epitome of cowardice. Because they are unable to engage as adults with women equally, they mutilate the vulnerable – and then turn around and say she was at fault. People unable to control their childish and sadistic impulses have no place in leadership. And yet, our culture accepts this as “normal.” Just because it is the norm does not mean it is normal.

    It is no wonder that our mother earth lies before us – raped, exploited, poisoned and brutalized – in the same manner as this little girl.

    Rage at these mentally ill behaviors is appropriate. Oh, but heaven forbid we should allow women’s justified anger to rise up. I suggest watching the brilliant films, “Kill Bill: Volumes 1 and 2.” These are not films of gratuitous violence (contrary to most of our tv programs and films) – they are films about eliminating those who would use their powers for evil. “The Bride” is the embodiment of the feminine (mother earth and women) utilizing a rational, moral code of justice to restore herself, her daughter and the planet to balance. She does, indeed, very carefully go about taking out those who have violated their ethical code of conduct.

    I also highly suggest a beautiful, inspiring film about female relational maturity. “Antonia’s Line,” is a dutch film that deals with empathic connection, creating family, respect, rape, violence, justice and love. It is a rare glimpse into empowered female choices.

    My heart is “ripped apart” by the grotesque actions of these grown boys against a real little girl. The destruction of the vulnerable in others is what should tear our guts out. We must summarily and completely reject this ridiculous excuse that “boys will be boys.” Fine, if you want to be a boy, then go off to the little boys camps and terrorize and brutalize each other all you want. How about a large locked unit for the boys? Or an island. Such people do not have the right to engage in society.

    Perhaps, then, the rest of us can begin to walk the path of mutual, equal respect between the masculine and feminine elements on the planet.

  54. I think a movie should be made showing (most of) the sad sick citizens of Cleveland TX for the degenerate, hypocrites that they are. . .! Any proceeds from the portrayal of this ‘disgusting travesty of humanity’ should go to the young lady (to be held in trust until she’s old enough to be able to take control of it! And take legal safe-guards so that the greedy, self-serving leeches that usually some out of the woodworks like roaches when they smell money, don’t clean her out and discard her once again before she becomes of legal age! That includes of course, lawyers, legal-guardians and so-called relatives – this is not about winning the lottery!!! None of the townspeople (esp. the pervs and their families) should be allowed to profit from this hideous, cruel atrocity. If these sick B^$%#ds could do this, there’s no telling what other acts of depravity they’ve gotten away with (with the aid of their families and community! I pray that this ‘young lady’ does not get Aids behind this because you have to know that not a one of those ‘monstrous beast’ (I would never denigrate the animal population by comparing those brutes to them) used protection of any kind!!!

    I would like to contribute but, as has happened before when there’s been an outpouring of monetary sympathy by the National Public, the funds would probably ‘mysteriously’ disappear into the coffers of someone other than whom it was intended for. . .! And, it was usually a lawyer or someone entrusted to look after the victim’s welfare! The World is like a massive volcano about to erupt and explode!!! Mother Earth would open up, sending the pseudo-human population deep into its bowels trapped for all eternity; it could then renew itself and experience a rebirth devoid of the ‘Human Insult”. . .!!! Was there no one in that town that would speak up in defense of that ‘young lady’ – NO ONE?!?! GOD does NOT like ugly – – – that must be one hideous community!!!

  55. Cookieb, sadly it’s not just that particular group of guys or their town who support rape culture and believe it’s okay to use and torture other people. And it’s not like that’s anything new, and I can’t guarantee that Sylvia will get the tiny amount of money I just raised to the family, but I’m 99.9% certain she will based on looking at what kind of person she appears to be. I like to think that the token amount of money coming direct from strangers who care will have meaning to the girl and her family. Hideousness is everywhere, and I don’t believe in gods, but I believe in acting well and caringly. Cheers!

    1. My 1st post was also my 1st time on this site; I saw it on a new friend’s wall and decided to check it out. I was disgusted by what I read about the ‘young lady’ and voiced my opinion on the matter. I did not think this was about ‘gods or religion’ and I do not push my religious views on anyone! I offered up the comment about GOD as a last thought. However, had I known it would be taken as it was, I would have excluded it (and kept it in my own thoughts) rather than offend. . .! I contribute to various charities and organizations when I can but have been somewhat leery of doing so as of late. I had to go back and read other posts to see whom you were referring to (Sylvia Gonzalez) as I was speaking in general terms only. As you have endorsed her legitimacy I will be more than happy to contribute to the fund she is in charge of (thank you for that). This will be my last post on your site so please have no worries about me logging on to moralize and criticize and push proverbs on the unsuspecting masses. . .! I leave that to the ‘hellfire and damnation hypocrites’. . .! Again, thanks for the info about where I can go to help this poor ‘young lady’. . .! Most Sincerely Cookie Burke

  56. It’s okay Cookie and I wasn’t at all offended by mention of God or religion. I see how many people are inspired by their religions and do very good works in the name of spirituality.

    I just wanted to add in that when I do that work I do it from a slightly different position, and am not religious.

    I read a fair amount of blogs of people who have different religious beliefs than I do because I think it’s important to be in touch and see what people really say and think and respect what they have to say! So for example I think Feminist Mormon Housewives is incredibly interesting and they are very smart and fabulous… even if I disagree with their church.

  57. Wow! Now I feel this (.) big. . .! I was reading more into your reply than was there and that was wrong (I was tryin’ NOT to ‘type emotionally’ but I guess I failed bigly – hah)! :-

    I read and understand and am so glad for that because I was about to be a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to follow this page – so anyway – I’ll just say this about all that – – -‘Nevurmind’. . .! :->

  59. This has got to be one of the most disgusting stories I have read in years. No matter how this little girl was dressed, or even if she wasn’t dressed, does not give anyone the right to commit such evil upon this child or any other human being. Having impure thoughts is one thing, but to act out those thoughts and commit such a hideous crime, is worthy of death, or at the very least life behind bars. I hope and pray these men are brought to proper justice..

  60. Dear God! I live in rural N Calif and had heard nothing about this! Thank you for bringing it to my attention…There is more info about Trump’s comb-over than something this grave. Thank you again for the links to help this child.

  61. “It’s just destroyed our community,” said Sheila Harrison, 48, a hospital worker who says she knows several of the defendants. “These boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.”

    FUCK YOU SHEILA HARRISON. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. What about what the victim has to live with? FUCK YOU.

    1. Sick fuck is what he is. You think these boys really care? They wouldnt have did it if they gave a shit fuck her she needs to jump off a fucking cliff that retard.

  62. I cant believe im reading this shit it gets me so fucking mad to know that the new york times blamed the little girl. HOW CAN YOU BLAME SOMEBODY FOR BEING RAPED. BY 18 GUYS?!? Like you have to be kidding me how heartless and sick can you be. The problem in this country is that the word “rape” is used so lightly. People use it for anything even if they win against somebody in a sport they say things like “that team got raped”. Females never say it its always guys or men. They make the word into nothing and think its a joke. Me being a male and having a girlfriend that I love to death makes me even more scared. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR WOMEN. MEN NEED TO JOIN IN AND HELP AS WELL. IM just disgusted I cant even read this article again its such bullshit. I would never let something like that happen in front of me. Period.

    1. I would agree with you most of the time, but I just had the unfortunate surprise and disgust at reading a semi-recent Tweet by one of my ex-girlfriends:

      Megan S______
      “Roethlisberger got raped on that pass!!”
      6 Feb via Twitter for iPhone

      ROTHLISBERGER! He was accused of rape THREE TIMES, and my unbelievably naive ex decides to post this shit. What a fucking moron. Way to go Meggo, you genius!

  63. Women are vessels. We are to be respected. This is completely unacceptable. I am in my 40’s, grew up in Texas in a not so safe neighborhood. I’ve witnessed all types of abuse and I’ve also survived my own. The attitude of the men doing this and the women turning their backs needs to change. Carrying the weight from being date raped, molested by an authority figure erasing the derogatory comments I heard growing up is not an easy task. As a new Mother with a 3 year old son, I plan to TEACH him to respect women. My prayer is that his Father will somehow follow suit. There is no excuse for any of this behavior…NONE. I’m one pissed off woman and I’ll fight wherever I can!

  64. How can anyone even consider that a little girl, who probably hasn’t started menstruating yet, would want or ask for a sexual encounter at all– let alone eighteen males who are mostly 10+ years older than her? It is disgusting that the world we live in behaves like it’s the Middle Ages–females are property who need to keep themselves under wraps, and males have “needs” and “just can’t help it.”

  65. Hi,

    I was so sickened when this story broke–and even more horrified that the Times devoted more attention to the men in the story rather than the girl. I wrote a poem in her name that I’d like to share here:

    For You, My Darling, in Precinct 20

    Three month nightmare.
    Oxymoronic. That was what
    you’d call it.

    She was Papa’s girl in the heat
    of a stale August, before
    the fall.

    In spring,
    she planted a tree,
    all the way to the sky

    and dreamed
    of climbing among beauty,
    the stars

    in bloom every night. Tonight
    ten thousand hands
    are sliding shut the lids

    of stars, her eyes.
    Winter, and she wakes
    to the feet of beds,

    beasts of men
    their blood stippled axes
    hacking away.

  66. How did the parents of theses boys not march them straight out to the barn, shove the barrel of a shotgun up their asses and pull the trigger? They deserve every second of the suffering before they die, in retribution for what that poor girl has to live with because of them. She should have the right to piss on their faces as they die, so the last thing they see is her disrespecting them like they disrespected her. Who’s with me, girls?!?

  67. I have just learnt about this case, it sometimes makes me grateful that I live in the UK. If this had taken place there I could guarantee it would be on the front page of every newspaper in the country and most, if not all the men involved would have been hunted down like animals and beat up everyday in prison.

    Even our murders and criminals hate pedophiles and rapists.

    1. Sorry, Laura Clarke, but I think you are sadly mistaken. This kind of belief is alive and well.
      Yes, even in the UK.

  68. My heart breaks for this poor child. I’m in Australia but would like to donate. Can you post if there is a way to do this – would prefer to donate so that the money goes directly to the child’s benefit. So angry and upset. I hope the animals that did this to her suffer tenfold what she has.

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