Geek Lab at BlogHer 09: Hold my hand please!

Can’t wait for BlogHer!

I’ll Be Geeking Out
I'll Be Geeking Out

Mostly I’ll be in the Geek Lab area, so look for me there and say hi!

Lately I’m having a little trouble with mobility even in my ultralight wheelchair, so I will be asking people for a push or a holding-hands tow, whenever I can! If you want to hold my hand, I’d be super happy! Just don’t pat me on the head or kick my tires.

Any time I’m loitering in the geek lab or the hallways, please feel free to ask me techie questions, about your blog setup, templates, code, web hosts, and so on. And, of course, about the ad network or BlogHer Publishing Network. I’ll be “on” as much as possible to be helpful to everyone at BlogHer 09! (Picture Lucy from Peanuts behind her advice booth: The coder is “in”.) Yes, I will get down and dirty and look at the back end of your blog, right now, if I possibly can! P.S. I really like chocolate.

Here’s my plan for BlogHer 09:


8am breakfast with Newbies
9 – 10 Welcome and icebreaker
10:30 Geek Lab! I will bounce between the CMS/Drupal session and the WordPress session.
11:45 Birds of a Feather lunch (which one! Feminist, LGBT, political)
1:15 Geek lab – probably the CSS or an advanced/CMS session – or just loitering
2:45 I will do a Geek Lab session on Dreamwidth, an open source project that forked the LiveJournal code. Want to become an open source developer working on a big project to make great social & blogging tools? Devs are mostly women and very welcoming to newbies.
4:15 Community Keynote (so good!)
ROOM SERVICE PARTY IN MY ROOM lying down exhausted. Are you a hermit? Do you need a rest? Come with me! This is where I weep gently in exhaustion before getting drinks.
6:30-8:30 Cocktail party
8:30 Sweeet & OUT loud – Queerosphere party at the Crimson Lounge in Hotel Sax
Then, more “room service party” for the Lizzard! ie, lying in bed in my room quietly communing with my beloved laptop!


8:30am Breakfast
10:45 Geek Lab – either the .htaccess stuff or loitering
12 noon – Lunch! BOF to be determined!
1:30 Geek Lab – definitely the PHP session. Yay phpwomen and oh, how I love function pages as a resource for learning. The examples and comments there are so good.

2:15 STUPID UNIX TRICKS or LOVE YOUR COMMAND LINE – I will give whirlwind tour of beginning Unix and then share some super useful tricks with awk and grep. Grep your log files!

3:00 NOT IN THE GEEK LAB – I’ll be in “Burning Questions about the BlogHer Publishing Network”. It’s my job!
5:00 Closing Keynote – Who We Will Become (I think this is where Eszter Hargittai is gonna talk and I’m totally her fangirl. Don’t miss it…)
6pm is another fabulous cocktail party which I’ll miss because… I’m going to…


The Windy City Rollers are playing on Saturday night, about a 10 minute cab ride away from the Sheraton Chicago, at 525 S Racine Avenue, doors open at 6pm, bout starts at 7pm. Buy a ticket and come with me and team member Ada Hatelace! I love how her team number is “1337”. Anyway, come and we’ll liveblog the roller derby!

Windy City Rollers links:

Facebook page

Derby Nerds!

Sunday: Brunch?? and I fly out from O’Hare at 1:30. See you!

5 thoughts on “Geek Lab at BlogHer 09: Hold my hand please!

  1. I had to choose between BlogHer and OSCON this year, and we went with OSCON, but it was a tough choice! I hope your panel goes awesomely — if you want some invite codes to hand out, I'm happy to hand you as many as you think you'll need. Just email and I'll hook you up.

  2. Yay cool! I'll be at the first half of OSCON too, come to Ignite on Tuesday night and I'm going to do a lightning talk on Your Flying Jetpack! aka DIY disability/access attitude & open source-y-ness…

  3. Oh, I would need two tons of chocolate to bribe you into helping me with all I need to know. I actually do not know how to do anything but publish on my wordpress blog. I have to cry to friends to help me with headers and sidebar, which is why it rarely changes.

    SO excited about Blogher! See you there.

  4. Don't forget your awesome Stupid Unix Tricks Geek Lab discussion on Saturday after the .htaccess session.

    You're my Geek Lab hero 🙂

  5. Shoot! I wish I would've attended the DreamWidth Geek Lab session! I don't know why it didn't dawn on me that what would be discussed is it's open source business. I love open source and have been terrible about getting myself involved now that I can actually call myself a programmar (discovered open source in early high school, started programming in college).

    PS – I was in the WordPress/PHP Geek Lab with you. I was sitting front and center and managed to remind you to get out your stickers. Again, thanks for letting us grab some! Now to track them down in my swag bag…

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