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So I was at Recent Changes Camp this weekend talking smack about blikis with some people. And I told anyone who would listen about the plugins for WordPress that help you integrate your blog with Mediawiki or other wikis.

What about a plugin that would just let you designate any page or post as world-editable?

Add Markdown and your WordPress blog could be easily wikified. I could use this for my nascent Hack Ability blog, and it would make me (and readers, and other editors) a lot happier than setting up and maintaining a whole parallel wiki structure to go with the blog.

On #wordpress I was just talking with _ck_ who wrote a Wiki Post plugin for bbPress.

_ck_ also pointed me to this cool and hilarious video of andiacts and Selena discussing when to use Drupal and when to use WordPress:

“It’s so cool! It’s like a new solar system!” That made me laugh so hard.

I have never written a WP Plugin but this seems possibly within the scope of my coding ability. So maybe this summer I’ll give it a shot.

But, if anyone out there wants to write it, go ahead, take the idea and run. Just hat tip me when you do. And, I would be motivated to help and contribute, because it would be handy as hell.

2 thoughts on “WordPress plugin idea – blikify

  1. Hey Liz,

    Thanks for showing off our video. I’ve been reading your blog quietly for at least a year, and am happy that we made you laugh. 🙂


  2. I really loved meeting you back in May at RecentChangesCamp. When I met you, I didn’t have a clue that you had worked at SocialText and that some of your wiki experience came out of that. The whole camp was really fantastic.

    The one for next 2009 is coming up in February. Are you planning on going? Details are available at http://2009rcc.org/ . I’ve had a conversation with Ted Ernst on FaceBook about something that I would to see discussed at RCC2009: Paid articles and the credibility issue. AboutUs does paid articles and I was thinking about using them on Fan History. There just could possibly be credibility issues. Does a wiki lose its credibility if accepts payment for articles? How should a wiki handle a situation where some one wanted to buy an article for some one that they wanted to get back at with or had issues with? You can do that and be neutral but at the same time…

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