Pink and sparkly

Okay on the one hand, Geek Girl Bingo. Pink, sparkly, cute, colour choice, stereotype city. I am totally down with calling people on their constant application of these ideas to femininity.

On the other hand, I kind of want this. On the substrate of the pink and sparkly Hello Kitty laptop, I would add a million bad attitude stickers, and it would be glorious. I could mod my Hello Kitty with some green tentacles to make a Hello Cthulhu. It’s kind of a problem.

Clearly my mind is not free from colonization.

2 thoughts on “Pink and sparkly

  1. Clearly my mind is not free from colonization.

    I wouldn’t say that. It’s not that
    “feminine” things are inherently bad, but rather that assuming that women like “feminine” and men like “masculine” simply by our gender expression, and therefore thinking that we can be shoved into these narrow boxes, that’s the problem.

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