Reporting on the conference

I’m liveblogging the ALTA conference on the group blog, It’s a lot of work – I’m working very hard to make it not too sloppy or raw; to add links; and to get details, especially people’s names, correct.

I hope it’s helpful to give ALTA members and others an idea of what the conference is like. (Probably some people here think it is pretentious or annoying or that I’m checking my email, or being disrespectful.. but just so you know, my intentions are good. I try to sit in the back of a room, so as not to disturb anyone too much with my clickety typing noises or my unfortunate fidgeting.)

I’m hoping to get more translators to sign up for the group blog – even if they write something only a few times a year, it would help to make the ALTA blog lively, fun, and valuable to everyone.

I had trouble getting on the Hilton Bellevue hotel’s wireless, despite having paid for it. The manager, Frank, happened to walk by while I was asking if there was a particular problem, or a place with better reception, so I could send out my conference reports. (A ‘mere’ blogger, behaving all biggety, like a journalist.) How wonderfully nice – Frank gave me a hotel room right on the 3rd floor, not to sleep in, but to sit in with privacy and quiet and reliable wireless access. I appreciate it, and am finding it’s helping me to keep my head together in the whirl of social networking, to disappear for half an hour periodically during the day.

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