New open mic in Oakland; the best Bay Area radio station


A New Monthly Open Mic
Every 4th Thursday
Beginning August 24th

Live interpretive music for the poets and the soul
Open freestyle jam after the poetry
Always FREE
Word of mouth…so pass the word!
Sign up at 7pm
Bring a horn, bring a drum!
Come enjoy music, community, and the healing art of the spoken word!

At the Bay’s beautiful new art space in East Oakland warehouse dist. The House of Stormz:: 1439 105th Ave @ International


I heard an announcement on KPOO (an awesome radio station – with a good blog and streaming audio – **why aren’t they in itunes??** ) for something associated with “Poetry University” and also remember the name “Martin X”, and though I scribbled down the details, I can’t find them. Can’t find it online. Whatever it was, sounded like a really good event, I want to go to it… got to keep looking.

2 thoughts on “New open mic in Oakland; the best Bay Area radio station

  1. Sounds very interesting. I wish it was not that far away. Maybe something we could arrange here, translate the idea to Swedish.

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