Making money session at Bloggercon iv

We’re talking about monetizing blogs. Ads. Localization. How to make it easy for local businesses to get small ads on blogs. Subscription models for blogs. Micropayments. Networks.

So, I’m thinking locally and it seems like every podunk chamber of commerce and downtown business association should be paying a blogger. Many local newspapers are moribund – bought up by big media organizations who don’t actually care about the local scenes. Local blogs should have the chamber of commerce/business connection hooked in, for ads, and should also have political use… man, every town should just have a package of group blog, phpBB-style forum, etc. They’re reluctant to commit to that even in my small silicon valley town because of class, language, etc. barriers, i.e. half the town isn’t online and it’s a big deal to get them on and so if you commit resources to online stuff you are leaving them out. However, it’s not like the xeroxed flyers are reachign very many people EITHER. (duh). So if you built structures where it was *possible* for everyone to participate then people would have a reason to *get* online and say something and read something about local politics….

Um, meanwhile, I’m sure it could be monetized some how… can I go off on a tangent or what?

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