Half a shelf of Perl books

The new version of Intermediate Perl is in the Noisebridge library nestled up against all the other blue animal books. Intermediate Perl is a new and expanded version of Perl Objects, References, and Modules. Its new chapters are: Using Modules, Intermediate foundations of Perl, Filehandle references, Regular expression references, and Creating your own Perl distribution. … Continue reading “Half a shelf of Perl books”

The Planet of Swears

I’m writing some RSS feed scraper programs and while playing around with that, set up an install of Planet feed reader. It was very funny to see on the one hand, lots of people blogging or writing things like “Oh, this doesn’t even need setup, just unzip it and you’re basically done” — and the … Continue reading “The Planet of Swears”

Programming languages and science fiction!

Cat Valente, Tiptree-winning author of The Orphan’s Tales, wrote up a brilliant comparison of programming languages to literary genres. She covers a lot of ground here as a cultural and critic, and she’s witty as hell. If the bits I’m quoting make you laugh, go read the whole thing! Smalltalk is mythpunk, Python is speculative … Continue reading “Programming languages and science fiction!”

She's Geeky – Show and Tell Your Dev Env session

We had a session to talk about what tools, languages, and platforms we use for software and web development. I started off by trying to list all the tools I use for work for development. Then other people stood up one by one to add their tools to the list on the whiteboard. Lots of … Continue reading “She's Geeky – Show and Tell Your Dev Env session”

Cleaning up urls with awk

Here’s my stupid awk trick of the day: using the field separator option to mess with URLs. I spent something like an hour trying to write regular expressions and then reading other people’s solutions to cleaning up urls from log files and other sources. For example, given a list of about a million urls like … Continue reading “Cleaning up urls with awk”

Upgrading Drupal 4.7 to 5.14

I have been working on upgrading a site from Drupal 4.7, which is unsupported, to Drupal 5.14. I am somewhat familiar with Drupal as a blogger, user, and administrator, but wasn’t sure what it would take to upgrade a large and complicated site that’s been around for several years (and several former admins and programmers). … Continue reading “Upgrading Drupal 4.7 to 5.14”

Growing a Language

I watched Guy Steele’s 1998 talk Growing a Language last night. At the opening description and definition of “man” and “woman” I bristled up and wondered for quite some time if there would be a point to opening with gender or if it was just a throwaway joke about women and personhood. I tried to … Continue reading “Growing a Language”

Lost my mind in PHP

The last few days I went a little nuts thinking about PHP and rewriting a very horrible messy script. I’d write something, make it work, write a little more, break the first bit, go back to look at the first bit and find that I couldn’t understand my own code that I’d written the day … Continue reading “Lost my mind in PHP”

De.licio.us API and SimpleXML

I spent some time today looking at the de.licio.us API and writing bits of php with SimpleXML. Both of them are very easy and clear to use. I tried a bunch of the examples in the de.licio.us api docs to think through what it was possible to do with the queries. I really like de.licio.us, … Continue reading “De.licio.us API and SimpleXML”