FirefoxOS phone beta testing

I got my FirefoxOS phone and am doing some testing on FirefoxOS 1.1 beta. I’m about to switch over to using it as my primary phone, but so far I’ve just used its apps and web connection. It seems very responsive and fast. My friend Tiziana and I compared phones. Hers is the orange one, … Continue reading “FirefoxOS phone beta testing”

FFUntriaged number games

As some of you may know we have over 900,000 thousand bug reports in these days. Around 120K of those are open bugs. I keep an eye on the incoming bugs, which are still around 350-550 for any 24 hour period and peck away at those. Many people in QA and various engineering teams … Continue reading “FFUntriaged number games”

Steady contribution to Firefox support forums

Every once in a while I go over to the Mozilla support forums to this query for questions asked in the last 24 hours that haven’t been answered. I like how it’s phrased. Right now it’s “6 questions in the last 24 hours have no reply. Help solve them!”. That’s out of 86 questions asked … Continue reading “Steady contribution to Firefox support forums”

Supporting The Ada Initiative, and making more room

People ask me all the time what they can do to help change our culture. How to get more women in F/LOSS, in tech, get more women coding and working with us? I have a suggestion! Please donate to The Ada Initiative! I realy believe that it’s helping, and wil continue to help! Personally I … Continue reading “Supporting The Ada Initiative, and making more room”

File a bug: the missing manual, now with unicorns

At countless conference talks I have heard standard advice on “how to get involved in an open source project”. It goes something like this: Step 1. File a bug! Step 2. Submit a patch! (repeat steps 1 and 2 for a while) Step 3. Now you are ready to write some new features and stuff! … Continue reading “File a bug: the missing manual, now with unicorns”

Screen reader and accessibility bug day

Tomorrow Mozilla is hosting a screen reader and general accessibility bug day. Len Burns and I have invited screen reader users of Firefox and other Mozilla products to join us in sorting through existing accessibility bugs. Some folks from the Mozilla Accessibility team will be on hand to talk with us. I’m pretty sure we … Continue reading “Screen reader and accessibility bug day”

Bugzilla hijinks, Tuesday March 5

Tomorrow evening (Pacific time) the and IT folks will be moving BMO to a new infrastructure and upgrading to Bugzilla 4.2. I’ll be up on the 7th floor of the SF office with Shyam and probably others. I know a few comunity contributors will be showing up on IRC around 8pm PST to help … Continue reading “Bugzilla hijinks, Tuesday March 5”

CodeTriage looks very cool!

AndrĂ© Klapper showed me a nifty tool called CodeTriage yesterday. I really like its simplicity, its friendliness, and what it conveys about open source bug management. Once you sign into CodeTriage with your github account you can browse code repositories by programming language. I picked flask and codetriage repos to follow. Codetriage then sends me … Continue reading “CodeTriage looks very cool!”

Bugs and sheriffs in London

Travelling Bugmaster update! I am in London with a bunch of the automation tools team for a work week. Ed, jeads, Chris, Ryan, dave, and mauro have been neck deep in making decisions about the structure of a new version of TBPL. By eavesdropping in their conference room I have learned a bit about how … Continue reading “Bugs and sheriffs in London”