Not really a review but I loved Captain Marvel!

Definitely see it if you love watching women be all super badass and determined and blow stuff up and also if you love cats. It was adorable! It was fun! Stuff blew up! There were more than 2 women who talked to each other about, well, about blowing stuff up I guess but also how amazingly they love each other and how they’re like family. Starry eyed children – a perfect set up for that future Captain Marvel.

I did find it very satisfying when the one dude was negging her (near the end) and she’s just like…. Nuh-uh. (Ka-POW!)

I liked the Supreme Intelligence scenes – the montages of Carol falling over and grimly getting up again as a child and young woman – and all the 90s nostalgia stuff was very well done & more fun than I realized it would be.

Of course, I especially enjoyed the scene on public transit.

The computer scene! OMG! “It’s loading.” Entire theater busted out laughing.

It just felt so good to get this kind of superhero movie and this level of superhero, well done & with fairly minimal bullshit. I cried during some of the final battle scenes when she was blowing even more shit up even more competently. Did I mention that I really like explosions…. Well…. I just do.

If you’d like a little background before watching the movie I recommend reading up on Captain Marvel’s history and various incarnations and plotlines in Wikipedia. Here’s an actual review, too.

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