Wikithon next week

Hey y’all. I’m going to be at the Socialtext Wikithon next Wednesday – here’s the signup on Upcoming. & there’s more information here

Even if you’re having trouble thinking of anything to work on, come on by and see if you can lend someone else a hand. We’re eagerly looking forward to some cool new Socialtext plugins and hopefully some new API clients. We’ll have some folks hanging out who are familiar with Socialtext internals, to help you get started on your widget.

We’re going to have two contests during the Wikithon – best Socialtext Plugin or best new Socialtext API Client. Prizes are still to be determined, but we hope to encourage our hackers to come up with cool new ways to extend and use our application.

I’m not going to be hacking any widgets, I don’t think, (yet – but at some point yes I will) but I’ll be there listening, learning, contributing ideas, taking notes, and probably running through the process to get my own install on a server where I have control. And the party should be fun!

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