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Since I read very quickly I’m done reading the poems for the Redwood City Youth Poetry Contest before the other judges. We’ve read, discussed, and judged K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and now are in the middle of reading poems from grades 6-8.

It’s so much fun! The poems, a good selection and range from English- and Spanish-speaking kids, are knocking my socks off. One of them made me cry. Well, when the contest results are announced and the poems are on the Redwood City Library web site, I’ll link to them and discuss them in detail.

The three of us judges have varying opinions about what make a poem good poetry. Trish likes complex thought and sentiments of beauty and I would say she values form highly. Leslie likes a social issue and a conscience, a poet who looks outside herself. I like to see daring, leaping, unusual juxtapositions, and an awareness of language and form whether that is free verse in its jazzy meter and flow, or regular meter and rhyme.

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  1. Hi Trish!

    Yes, and in fact there is a group blog at:

    Event announcements will go up on it today or tomorrow!

    And if you would like to organize a group discussion in a community you’re part of, contact Roz and she’ll add your event to the schedule. The full schedule of book discussion groups for May will go up on the blog (and the library web site) soon.

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