Soothing voyage into San Francisco Bay

I am now a subscriber to “SeaTube”. Best place to watch the ships coming in and going under the bridge, maybe Cliff House if it’s cold but otherwise, at Land’s End where there is a little paved overlook and bench to sit on, MarineTraffic app open to see what each ship is carrying and where … Continue reading “Soothing voyage into San Francisco Bay”

Noticing women mentioning women

I started reading Tamim Ansary’s Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes with Wikipedia in the other hand to get different perspectives on all the people Ansary mentions and the stories he tells about the history of Islam and various political figures. At some point this evening I got up to the … Continue reading “Noticing women mentioning women”

Peaceful day in the sun

I spent yesterday puttering around my houseboat and a good bit of the afternoon sitting up on the roof. After a month of illness, I’m finally breathing more normally. I’m also just (today) starting to eat real food. I lost about 15 lbs in the last two weeks, which wasn’t fun at all. Yesterday and … Continue reading “Peaceful day in the sun”

Hanging out in India Basin

I was excited to go to meet whoever would show up at Bayview to Breakers: A Ragtag Regatta which wistfully & grandly called for ambitious, weird boats to explore the San Francisco shoreline without motors. We did meet a few awesome people hauling kayaks down a muddy rocky hill to the water, and we puttered … Continue reading “Hanging out in India Basin”

The saga of the Alviso Boat Ramp

The opening of the Alviso boat ramp looked pretty cool. Kayakers and dragon boats gave free rides to whoever showed up, and they had a big party. Chris Pereira-Ponce has a great photo of the ramp. Go, Alviso! Very cool!!! A long fight that led to free public access to this place that might actually … Continue reading “The saga of the Alviso Boat Ramp”