A warm woolly bed

Dashboard the Cat likes her new warm, woolly, felted bed that looks like a rock. She hasn’t much taken to cat beds in the past but she seems to like this one! It’s so cute!

Cat in a felted bed

I’m tired from a very long work day, so that’s all! I didn’t even leave the house today, omg. At beta 7 of…. 13 I think, plus another release candidate or two in the last week. The pace is starting to feel hectic.

2 thoughts on “A warm woolly bed

  1. That is, as we say, totes adorbs.

    My cat Purrcy’s preferred desk residence is a cardboard box:

    For the record, the last few FF updates to reach me (now running 65.0) have RADICALLY improved memory usage (Windows 7, 32-bit). I’ve decided this is because they hired you.*g*

    1. Oh, I’ll have to pass that on about the perf improvements!
      65 is my colleague Ryan’s baby so I’ll let him know 😉

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