HP Magic Giveaway – Guidelines!

This week, I’ll be running a promotion and giveaway for $6000 worth of HP computers and other software and hardware. I’ll give away the entire package to one person who enters my contest.

I love, love, love the idea of being a Magic Internet Fairy, pouring out an amazing abundance of computers, more than anyone could ever need! It’s a gift that, by being too big, inspires generosity.

I want YOU…. my creative, intelligent, beautiful reader… to have a shiny new computer or laptop of your own, for the holidays!

And I want YOU to overflow with computers, like a geektastic goddess, making other people happy, people who also dream of having the Internet at their fingertips!

Keep one of these sleek, fast, powerful beasts for yourself… and then share the magic. Give the rest away!

I thought about “magic” and what my computer means to me. It lets me express all the million layers of my ideas and creativity, and helps me put that into the world directly. Because I do that, I can connect directly with other people and their ideas. The magic for me in this contest is in spreading that empowerment and connection. Who could I make the happiest? Who would put something unique and interesting into the world, given the right tools?

50 sites, listed here on http://hp.com/go/winhpmagic, are EACH offering a chance to win a complete package consisting of three HP computers plus a mini notebook, an HP MediaSmart Media Center extender, a Photosmart printer (and a huge pack of photo paper) plus a ton of software, and a BluRay DVD. There will be some U.S. IRS tax offset compensation, where applicable.

The winner of each site’s contest gets it all. Each site will have their own contest with different rules and you CAN enter all of them.

To enter the HP Magic Giveaway on my blog, Composite: Thoughts on Poetics and Tech, please do these three things:

1) Comment intelligently on any post on this blog!

A) Respond to a post. Pick something that interests you: feminism? disability rights? programming? Gadgets? Maybe a specific poet, one of the poems from my Anthology?

Tell me what you think of what I wrote.

I’m impressed if you are smart, engaged, un-boring, and being real! Make me laugh! Make me think!

B) Tell me briefly, in 3 sentences or less, how you would “Share the Magic” – what would you do with the prize? Who will you give the extra computers to? Please use links if applicable.

C) In your comment, include a link back to your own blog, or some other place on the net.

2) Post a link to that post and your comment, somewhere public on the Internet; on your blog, your MySpace or Facebook, your Twitter account, a bulletin board; anywhere you hang out.

3) Email me at compositehpmagic@gmail.com. Tell me:
* the link to your comment in #1
* the link to your post in #2

I won’t include anyone as a finalist who I know in real life, and obviously, not my co-workers or family members.

I will be the sole judge and my decision is final.

By entering, the winner agrees to provide me, within two weeks of receipt of the prize, at least a 500 word postable story on what happened when they gifted the extra computers. Pictures optional, but would be great to have along with permission to post. I won’t post names or any other information without your permission.

For me, the “Magic” in this contest will be the list of finalists; the people who I think are especially interesting and creative! Someone will get a bunch of computers — and maybe I’ll get a new blogroll!

one laptop per octopus

Premio de la Magia Hewlett-Packard (HP Magic Giveaway)

Esta semana, empezaré una promoción y premiaré computadoras HP y otro software y equipo con un valor de US$ 6000. Daré el paquete entero a una persona que participe en mi concurso.

Amo, amo y amo más la idea de ser una Hada Mágica de la Internet donando una abundancia increible de computadoras, mas que nadie pudiera necesitar! Es un regalo, que por ser tan grande, inspira generosidad.

Quiero que USTED….mi creadora, inteligente y bella lectora…. tenga una flamante computadora de oficina o una portátil para la Navidad.

Y quiero que USTED tenga una abundancia de computadoras y, como una diosa cheverissma de la computación, haga feliz a otros, personas que tambien suenan con tener la internet disponible al punto de los dedos. Quédese usted mismo con uno de estos lustrosos, rapidos y poderosos aparatos…..y luego comparta la magia. Regale lo restante!

Mientras escribía las reglas para este concurso, pensaba en “magia” y lo que me significa mi computadora. Me da una herramienta para creativa productividad, lo que valgo muchíssimo. Mi computadora me permita expresar un million de niveles de mis ideas y creatividad, y me ayuda transmitir todo esto directamente al mundo. Haciendo eso, puedo conectarme directamente con otros y sus ideas. Para mi, la magia de este concurso es en esparcir ese apoderarmiento, productividad y capacidad de conexión. Quien pudiera hacer lo mas feliz? Quien daría algo unico y interesante al mundo si tuviera las herramientas adecuadas?

Cincuenta sitios, dados aqui en http://hp.com/go/winhpmagic, ofrecen la oportunidad de ganar un paquete completo que consiste en tres computadoras HP, una mini-portatil, una extensora HP MediaSmart Media Center, una impresora Photosmart (y un paquete grande de papel fotográfico) y un montón de software de Microsoft y otros, y un BlueRay DVD. En caso de haber un impuesto sobre la renta en los Estados Unidos, habrâ un ajuste compensatorio. La ganadora del concurso en cada sitio lo gana todo. Cada sitio tendra su propio concurso con distintas reglas y si se PUEDE entrar en todos.

Para entrar en el HP Magic Giveaway en mi blog, Composite: Thoughts and Poetics and Tech, favor hacer las tres cosas siquientes:

1) Comente inteligentemente sobre cualquier mensaje en este blog!

A) Responde a un mensaje. Escoja algo que le interesa: feminismo?, derechos de los personas con disabilidades?, programación,? aparatos nuevos? Tal vez una poeta especifica o uno de los poemas de mi antología? Dígame lo que piensa de lo que escribí. Me impresionaré si usted es inteligente, sintonizada, interesante y genuina. Hagame reir! Haga me pensar!

B) Digame brevemente, en tres frases o menos, como “Compartiría la Magia”-que haría con el premio? A quien regalaría las computadoras sobrantes? Por favor, utilice links donde sea aplicable.

C) En su comentario, incluya un link a su propio blog u otro sitio en la red.
2) Coloque
un link a su post y su comentario en un sitio público de la Internet como su blog, Myspace o Facebook, su cuenta Twitter, un boletín,: cualquier lugar en la red que frecuente.

3) Envieme por email a…….
*el link a su comentario en #1
*el link a su post en #2

No incluiré como finalista ninguna persona que conozco personalmente ni, obviamente, compañeros de trabajo o miembros de mi familia.

Seré el juez unico y mi decisión es final.

Por entrar en el concurso, la ganadora promete enviarme, dentro de dos semanas de la fecha de recibir el premio, un ensayo colocable en la red de al menos 500 palabras sobre lo que que ocurrió cuando regalaron las computadoras restantes. Fotgrafias son opcionales, pero seria tremendo tenerlas con permiso para colocarlas en la red. No pondré en la red nombres ni otra información sin su autorización.

Ofreceré a la ganadora una lista de concursantes que casi ganaron, para que pueda compartir el premio con ellas, si asi desea. Siempre es al unico juicio de la ganadora como se comparte el premio.

A mi, la “Magia” del concurso será la lista de los finalistas; la gente que creo que son especialmente interesantes y creativas. Alguien obtendrá unas computadoras… y quisas obtendré una nueva bloglista.

63 thoughts on “HP Magic Giveaway – Guidelines!

  1. Three critical components in the HP Magic giveaway I believe sends a clear answer about starting a small business. I am a photography and graphics design enthusiast, I could see my self taking advantage of the innovative TouchSmart with its enormous/gorgeous screen for editing photos in Adobe Photoshop and vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and doing prints on the HP AIO Printer. I am also a heavy user of AutoDesk AutoCAD 2009, I often print drafts and render into 3D, the power of that system would definitely help with that.

    Its quite overwhelming when you think about what HP, Microsoft and so many sites are giving away. HP has exemplified something here, the gift of giving, so why not do the same? If I were to win all this hardware, I definitely could not keep it all. My brother would absolutely love an upgrade from his XP machine to the HP HDX 18 and my other brother would be excited about the HP Mini 1000. Why I would love to win this contest is specifically for the HP Touch Smart and media smart. The all in one printer and laptop I most likely would give away as a Christmas gift to a lucky member at the up coming Church harvest. A lot of folks are in rough economic times (world-wide)right now, giving somebody a laptop might not necessarily make ones life completely better, but its a nice gesture that will make their holidays a very special and memorable one in addition to starting off the New Year with a bang. This collection of devices is screaming, show the good in you, so why not make the ‘smart’ choice of sharing the magic too. Thanks!

  2. Sorry Liz, didn’t compose my thoughts properly in the first post. I hope this second comment does not make me ineligible.

    My thoughts on this post:
    Three critical components in the HP Magic giveaway I believe sends a clear answer about starting a small business. I am a photography and graphics design enthusiast, I could see my self taking advantage of the innovative TouchSmart with its enormous/gorgeous screen for editing photos in Adobe Photoshop and vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and doing prints on the HP AIO Printer. I am also a heavy user of AutoDesk AutoCAD 2009, I often print drafts and render into 3D, the power of that system would definitely help with that.

    How I would share this:
    1. My brother would absolutely love an upgrade from his XP machine to the HP HDX 18.

    2. The other laptop I most likely would give away as a Christmas gift to a lucky member at the up coming Church harvest – I have a Dell 1500 already anyway.

    3. My other brother would be excited about the HP Mini 1000.

  3. I would share the magic in two ways. I would give some of the hardware to Fan History ( http://www.fanhistory.com/ ) admins and staff in appreciation of the fantastic job they’ve done and to make them more productive. I would also send some of the hardware and the software to Tinian Jr. Sr. High School in order to make teachers more effective and make students more productive.

  4. I would use this contest to help my sisters, who inspire me with their creative drive and ambition. I want to see them have every opportunity to bring the good to this world that I know they have in them, and not be limited by lack of money. The hardware and software being given away here would help them achieve the goals they dream about. The rest of the equipment would go to my partner and I, to help us realize our dreams of being a graphic artist and a writer, respectively.
    Thank you!

  5. Three sentences or less, my Gawd, talk about limiting me!!!! Let’s see, keep part and get nominations from my readers for a deserving person or charity for the rest. If I do not get enough nominations, I would donate it to a local charity right here close. How about that, I think I did it! Now off to Facebook and Twitter to give your great site a shoutout!

  6. Soy nuevo en tu blog, lo confienzo: Lo conocí y lo visito por el concurso. Espero ser el primero en concursar de los que tenemos como lengua materna el español.

    Aun no me he dado a la labor de leer cada post así que prefiero dejar mi comentario y todo lo demás dentro de este post, el de concurso.

    Espero que sea valido eso de dejar el comentario en esta entrada, aún así, dentro de unos días he de volver y leer otros artículos, si alguno de ellos me gusta me animaré a dejar mi comentario.

    La manera con la que compartiría el premio aun no la tengo, esto me ha llegado de sorpresa, en Lima – Perú hay muchas formas de darle utilidad a esto. Yo tengo un cariño especial hacia niños y ancianos, tal vez termine decidiendo donar parte del premio a asilos de ancianos y orfanatos. También me parece justa la opción de repartidlo al segundo lugar en caso de no encontrar un sitio donde donarlo. Superé las tres frases, pero aun no ordeno mis ideas.

    Mi blog: http://braulioaquino.com

  7. I would love to win this prize. I would definitely give part of it to my family (especially my brother who wants a computer of his own). I might also give away some to a charity since I do not need everything in the package.

    Go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/m877 to see all my photos! 🙂

  8. I sent you my email, please let me know if you don’t get it sometime soon. I put the who-gets-what in my comment on your disability post (link in email).
    (ps- I LOVE your hair color in that picture. I just had red put in mine but sadly it doesn’t look near as bright as your purple)

  9. I will gladly share the magic by giving the Microsoft Office 2007 software to a college friend who needs it, and I will also let Liz keep the Kung Fu Panda DVD if she can and I’ll also redesign her Blogger blog so it looks better than it is now and she will be very happy with the newer look. The HP Touchsmart will be given to my whole family and will be used as a family computer, the HP Mini 1000 will be given to my older sister who goes to college, the HP HDX will be given to me for my college and online work, and the HP Pavilion d4 will be given to my younger sister who also goes to college. With the CorelVideo software I get, I will take a video of me doing all this sharing. 🙂

    Wikipedia has no entry for “Gullible”, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gullible.

  10. Thanks for trying to make this contest simple to enter.

    I have go around your blog and at the end I come back to this post to leave a comment, because most of your posts are long, and because of my English is poor, I looking at so many English words my eyes would look like this – @_@ , lol… (of course I doesn’t mean your post content not good, I wish I can write longer post for my blog too, =P )

    In my mind, “magic” this words gives me a kind of mysterious feeling, as same with my favorite color-purple.

    Some of the magics I believe anyone can simply perform it by using some tools. Similar to computers, anyone with a computer will be able to do more, connecting with friends from the Internet, and many other tasks, just like performing a magic trick.

    I believe the lucky person who won in this contest, he/she will be having a “magic” kind of holiday this year, and also the person(s) he/she sharing the prizes with.

    Lastly, of course I wish I am the luckiest one, hehe…

  11. Whoops, didn’t see that all of the things in the first part had to be in one post! Rather than clog up your entry on the G1, I’ll post the other HP relevant posts here.

    How to share magic:
    I’ll start up front and saying the two parts of the gift I’m keeping is the MediaSmart Connect and Kung-Fu Panda Blu-Ray.

    My parents are receiving the TouchSmart, Wireless Printer, Office 2007, and photo value pak.

    My two brothers and brother in law (new father and house owner!) would get the three laptops.

    All of the other prizes would then be divied up to my roommates I’m living with now or giving to a charity (like the copy of Vista).

    Random Link to a game I helped develop: http://www.eternal-silence.net

  12. If I am that lucky and won in this contest, I will share those awesome prizes with my family members, including my father, mother, sister and brother.

    This prize packages contains 4 computers, of course I can’t use them all, so I will share them with my family members, because they are same with me dreaming for a new/better computer a long time already.

    I think it is not good to explain detail in a comment, I have posted in my blog, thanks.

  13. First off I want to say that what HP has done with this giveaway is amazing, this contest lets me believe that some companies are out for the greater good!

    The reasons I’d like to be chosen:
    I’m a Mother of 3 children (2 at home, 1 in another state with the Ex-Husband)

    I am planning on going back to school online for Business Management or Early Education ( I want to teach!) and I’d like to do this from my own home due to the fact that I’d be able to spend quality time with my 2 younger children. The laptop, printer, and software would help tremendously with this.

    I would be sharing too, I have a son who lives 18 hours away from me, he’s 4 years of age, we don’t get to have much contact due to him not having an up to date computer to talk via webcam or even send digital pictures! This would help with my communication with him.

    My husband is in the US NAVY and is constantly away from us during training missions and deployments, for him to be able to use one of the laptops would
    be beneficial to the children and I, we’d be able to keep in contact alot easier.

    I want to start my own work at home business so I can again spend time with my 2 youngest children, this prize pack from HP would help tremendously.

    I plan on homeschooling my children and these days computers and printers are very helpful in the educational field.

    The reason I say from my own home alot is because yes childcare is a factor when you work outside of the home or even go to school, and this costs lots of money.
    My husband does okay enough to support us but the extra work wouldn’t cover childcare, gas, and all the other extra added expenses.

    I also have Crohn’s Disease which isn’t in remission half of the time and its harder for me to get out and successfully perform at my best work wise and to even be in
    a college class room would be difficult, so it would be easier in the comfort of our own home.

    My husband wanted to add that he’d give away whatever we wouldn’t need to a local program for children most likely the Ronald McDonald Charity here in Norfolk,VA (school program, church program, headstart, Armed Services YMCA, something of the like) who would really benefit from the use of this great technology! My parents stayed in a Ronald McDonald House while I was sick/first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and it was an easier transition for all of us at the time.

    Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway, I’m off to read some of your blog posts! I did try to FOLLOW your blog but Google had an issue with that?

    kristinia AT lovingheartmommy dot com

  14. If I’m selected to receive the magical set HP is ever-so-kindly giving away, I will first give my two brothers (one older and the other younger) one pick each, as I love them far beyond anyone else in the world because they’re always there to cheer me on through tough and thin, and to advise me in making the wisest decisions. The movies and MediaSmart connect would either be donated to a local children’s hospital or daycare, and a hefty portion of the other stuff would be dispersed to other hospitals for use by the patients or other charities, based on which would be more beneficial to the ones in need, with a good portion of the software (and perhaps some hardware) being given away in the community Secret Santa parties. If I were selected, I most certainly promise that I would provide you with a write-up and pictures, and a video or two if possible. =)

    blog address:

    Blog Link

  15. With the HP Magic giveaway, I could change the world, or at least my little part of it. With the state of the economy the way it is and the fact I live in rural community, I know a couple people who could use a new computer. But the first one, would go to my daughter who hopes to start technical school next year doing videos. I got my son a new computer when he started tech school for Computer Information Technology, and hope to find a way to get one for my daughter as well. I just wanna help my kids with their future careers. And this prize package would definitely help. And I would donate what we didn’t need to needy, but deserving friends and families.

  16. This HP Magic Giveaway has gotten me excited. I would love to be able to help out those I love with some new/upgraded technology and software.

    I so envy your postion of being able to give this bundle away.

  17. I would like to participate and won, of course. I will do the “homework” and will get in touch. As I work in a big eMac I need to change to a portable one to stop asking one borrow when I have to travelled and because it would give me the chance to blog live from some events.

    The other computers I will give them to women grassroots groups to empower them to begin to take back the tech 🙂

  18. I would keep the laptop and the printer since I need one but the rest I would give to people who need computers or to a school.

  19. Wow this is an amazing contest! I am crushing on all those minis out there, but I still can’t even afford the cheapest one 🙁 It would be great for doing research in the archives and taking notes at conferences.

    See, I’m a history of science grad student at a top tier school, but unfortunately we are the bottom of that top tier and can’t offer the competitive funding and resources that Harvard or Johns Hopkins can. Thus, candidates who are really interested in our specialties (like environmental politics, disability studies, and gender and race in the history of medicine) still choose to go elsewhere.

    Therefore, I would give away the other gear to next years’ incoming class – the research we historians could do with this stuff! *swoons* We may not have the funding that the Ivy Leagues do, but we have students with hearts big enough to “spread the magic.”

  20. what an awesome giveaway. I am a teacher of the Deaf and hard of hearing. I have been doing this job for 19 years now and I still love it. I would give away the computers to my students in need. I have one in particular who does not have a computer and she uses ASL to communicate and a computer could open up a whole new world for her.

  21. My older sister and her husband are going through some financial problems, and as a result not much is left for gifts for their children.

    If I were to win this giveaway I would give both my niece and nephew a laptop computer of their own. I know my sister would truly appreciate it.

    The Touch computer and the Netbook I would keep for myself. It truly would be a very Merry Christmas for all.

  22. I’m participating for myself & for our organization “Arushi” which means “The first ray of the sun”.

    This organization strives to integrate people with disabilities into the mainstream of society.

    Here we do celebrate a festival called“Diwali”.This means “Festival of Lights”.The main purpose is, after the dark, there will always be a ray of light somewhere sometime.

    Here are two pictures celebrating the festival with our kids.

    i) http://img389.imageshack.us/img389/4808/diwali1uu0.jpg

    ii) http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3098/diwali2qe2.jpg

    I already do have a computer.So i don’t need anymore.I think,i’ll keep the Printer & will let our organization decide how they will share the computers among the kids.

    We don’t have enough computers here in Arushi.Around 150 kids are sharing 10 old PCs.I wish if i could fulfill their small needs,but i can only do to a certain level. Anyways,every bit helps.

    If you feel that Arushi is deserving, then please consider us.Thank you.

  23. Please delete my earlier comment.It doesn't show that it has been formatted properly.Thank you.

    Firstly thanks to HP,you & to all the people who are related to this great event of sharing. 🙂

    I’m participating for myself & for our organization "Arushi" which means "The first ray of the sun".

    This organization strives to integrate people with disabilities into the mainstream of society.

    Here we do celebrate a festival called “ Diwali ”.This means “Festival of Lights”.The main purpose is, after the dark, there will always be a ray of light somewhere sometime.

    Here are two pictures celebrating the festival with our kids.

    i) Picture 1

    ii) Picture 2

    I already do have a computer.So i don’t need anymore.I think,i’ll keep the Printer & will let our organization decide how they will share the computers among the kids.

    We don’t have enough computers here in Arushi.Around 150 kids are sharing 10 old PCs.I wish if i could fulfill their small needs,but i can only do to a certain level. Anyways,every bit helps.

    If you feel that Arushi is deserving, then please consider us.Thank you.

  24. Please delete my earlier two comments.It doesn't show that they have been formatted properly.Thank you & extremely sorry for posting in a row.

    Firstly thanks to HP,you & to all the people who are related to this great event of sharing. 🙂

    I’m participating for myself & for our organization “Arushi” which means “The first ray of the sun”.

    This organization strives to integrate people with disabilities into the mainstream of society.

    Here we do celebrate a festival called “ Diwali ”.This means “Festival of Lights”.The main purpose is, after the dark, there will always be a ray of light somewhere sometime.

    Here are two pictures celebrating the festival with our kids.

    i) Picture 1

    ii) Picture 2

    I already do have a computer.So i don’t need anymore.I think,i’ll keep the Printer & will let our organization decide how they will share the computers among the kids.

    We don’t have enough computers here in Arushi.Around 150 kids are sharing 10 old PCs.I wish if i could fulfill their small needs,but i can only do to a certain level. Anyways,every bit helps.

    If you feel that Arushi is deserving, then please consider us.Thank you.

  25. Oh, Magic Fairy, what a lovely gift! My daughter, a starving certified personal trainer, and I have a blog to educate and empower women. I would share this fabulous gift with my daughter so that we can continue our mission. Right now she has to go to a commons room in her apartment to use the computer. Once again, lovely gift. Thanks for the opp!

  26. Hi Liz,

    I’m intrigued by this giveaway, not so much for me personally, as much as for what it could do for the organization I work for. I work for a non-profit ballet school in NYC – we offer tuition free ballet training to kids in the NYC public schools, and we operate on a shoestring. Our computers are not the best and the brightest, because we just can’t afford to replace them as often as we should.



  27. I’d love to enter this as well, for my son and for his school: he is a budding game developer and artist who can’t run all his software on our aging Mac, and his public school is always in need of more equipment for their technology lab. The magic would be in my son’s stop-motion animation, which is a magical thing to behold!

  28. In life I feel there are winners and there are losers(people who try so hard but somehow life just doesn’t give them the extra boost they need)My mother is a great poet she worked hard and managed to publish a poem book which without the chance of living in a huge city it never really sold. She lives in a small town 1900 people they don’t even deliver mail in her town. She did win award and get to go to Washington DC. My 16 year old daughter has wanted to be a pedatric surgeon since she was 5 years old when her nephew had to have open heart surgery at 6 months old. She has done her best in school and is in advance classes, shes in cross country, soccer, marching band and band. She takes online classes to advance her grade and skills. My 12 year old son was chosen last school year as student of the year for his 6th grade class, he had a 4.0 GPA. This year he also takes online advance classes, takes advance classes at school, is in football, track and band. I have seen my children struggle to become successful and they are trying to breakout of the lowerclass stereo type and become well educated. To their success comes the need for help in getting their so if I’m chosen a winner of thie awesome prize I will give computers to my children. I have 2 other children and 3 grandchildren that live 1200 miles away, I would also give them computers so they may stay in touch and send pictures of my grandchildren. I have a brand new grandson I would love to see how he’s growing but since he’s so far it’s impossible, with a computer for his parents that dream could become a reality.
    Thank you for helping this unemployed stay at home mom give her children the gift of learning, sharing compassion, rewarding them for their best performance and showing them that struggles and hard work payoff.

  29. I would like to nominate a very worthwhile organization to receive this wonderful prize, the Best DAWG Rescue.. Their mission is to save dogs with treatable medical conditions, and overlooked or shy dogs not selected by anyone else. These dogs were left for dead, work out mother dogs saved by shelters only to feed their puppies, dogs at the verge of death, dogs for whom people had “no more time.”


  30. There really isn’t a good reason why I should deserve to win all this technology candy. I don’t have any sob story to wretch out your heart strings but I do have me, so here it is. I am a stay-at-home mom from Calgary Alberta. I have three great kids. My oldest son and daughter are 6 year old twins. My youngest son is two and is quite the character. My husband works two jobs to support our family and is a fantastic husband and father. He is an immigrant to Canada and most of his family is over seas. If I won this give away I would send a computer over to the Philippines. Giving them a computer or two would open up a new way of communicating with them. With the other computers I would have one set up for the twins cause let me tell you, hearing them fight over Webkinz, Barbie.com, and Hotwheels.com is enough to drive any mother up the wall. I would also donate a computer to my Dad’s company. It’s a humble janitorial company and it has helped us when we have needed to make a little more money without us having to put our kids in daycare. The company computer just crashed so I know that a new computer would be a great asset.

  31. I’m about to launch a public relations consultancy firm that will give pro bono services to various charities and foundations. Having HP computers will be a helpful boost to jumpstart my advocacy in promoting note-worthy projects of organizations such as the Virlanie Foundation (http://www.virlanie.org/), which aims to shelter street children in Manila. I will also donate the extra computers to them, providing them with valuable tools in communicating with donors all over the world. Overall, the HP package will put to good use, supporting not just my noble cause but others’ as well.

  32. I have been disabled and unable to work for the past 17 years. If I won the HP Magic Giveaway, I would give most of it away. I would like to keep the photo printer and replace my old computer with one of the new ones. It would please me greatly to donate my old computer and the rest of the HP products directly to the ARC of Somerset County or one of their deserving disabled clients.


    theladyswimmer at yahoo dot com

  33. @skybar Heh! That’s kind of why I did it that way. Not to give you a headache, but to keep entries to people who can handle doing a little homework from the EEEEEEEVIL PROFESSOR OF FEMINIST TECHIE DOOM. 😎 I left out the part about doing the hokey pokey and turning yourself around.

  34. I commented on your post “Biographies for Children” here:

    I teach fourth grade and love to introduce my class to poetry and poetry writing that is modeled after some of the great poems. I also like to teach my students how to be creative using computers. Unfortunately the computers in my school are ancient (the one in my classroom died and I have to use my own older computer now) so I would spread the computer magic so that the students in my classroom would have access to the latest technology so they can do the neat things that I dream up that our classroom computer cannot handle.

    My school:

  35. Commented on “Liberation”.

    I would likely keep one or two things but for the most part, I’d be sharing the love with:

    1) Dear friend – student (Special Education), Mom of 3 boys (2 autistic), struggling family, hand me down PC (with many issues) wonderful, loving, caring person who puts everyone else before herself.

    2) There is a local not-for-profit organization that works with at risk kids that could put this to GREAT use.

    shriahjoy1 at hotmail dot com

    Great blog, interesting thought processes, glad I found you.

  36. When it comes to Sharing the Magic, there’s one charity that I’ve been supporting for the past two years in Greensboro, NC called Mary’s House (link below). Mary’s House aims to help female former convicts through rehab and education, but my favorite part of their mission is that they allow these women to live with their children, instead of forcing them to seperate. It’s an amazing project, and they can use anything they can get in terms of donation.

    I hope that these computers can go to Mary’s House with perhaps some sweet educational software – maybe one for the kids, and one for the adult learners, to help them get used to using this technology on a daily basis.

    Here’s a link to Mary’s House:

    Here’s a link to the closest thing to my blog:


    blackleatherrain AT yahoo.com
    lauraconners AT earthlink.net

  37. Greetings, Magical Internet Fairy! The HP giveaways are too good to be believed, and I would be thrilled to receive one computer, much less four! Well, I need to earn my entry, so here goes: Being a fellow poetry aficianado, your inclusion of poetry vastly appeals to me- especially for that which I’m not well-versed in i.e. Latin American translations, particularly Maria Eugenia Vaz Ferreira’s “Vaso Furtivo,” or, “A Quick Drink.” It’s light and moving, and does what it says in capturing the nature of a quick drink! Aptly titled, yes? Thank you for the English translation and introducing me to her poetry. Additonally, I am really tickled by the February 22nd post re: Google VP Marissa Mayer, entitled, “Annoyingly Sexist Framing of Google VP Marissa Mayer.” I need a sound bite (a la Lewis Black of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) of you shouting the two lines that sum up the article so perfectly, “What the hell do you expect? Who is ‘you’?” Not many female so-called geeks fit a prescribed mold. We need to toss the whole Velma (you know, Scooby Doo) persona from the collective stockpile of stereotypes. We girl nerds are so atypical, no two are alike. And I doubt we are as few and far between the way dinosaur socialite glossies like to perpetuate- seeing’s how the mere use of an iphone or mp3 automatically elevates users into the geek realm, that’s probably three quarters of the world’s population right there! Sadly, Ms. Mayer’s comparison to Grace Kelly, yeah, that whole BLONDE thing (sigh! maybe in my next lifetime!) is a novelty in and of itself, much less the female thing, much less the role of VP of a huge tech company.

    Perhaps with this prize package I will start a business I have been longing to do while I am still relatively young and unencumbered by bigger obligations like raising a family. While not as technically ambitious as the Google VP, I would still want to emulate her and become an entrepreneuress myself. Sitting on the back burner for a while but maybe now the time is ripe for me to recruit potential business partners to open up an online rare/collectible book shop. Unlike superficial qualities such as throaty laughs and blonde hair, I find the intelligence of a bibliophile (esp. poetry!) to be a far more unique trait. You hit the nail on the head though: I DO have the unkempt hair thing going on. 😀 (Think pianist Yvgeny Kissin, but the girl version.) For this reason, I highly doubt I would ever be profiled in an glossy citywide publication (over here in Chicago, it’s called “Michigan Avenue” 🙂 hee hee

    So! I hope you made it through my little essay Ms. Fairy 🙂 Thanks so much for the entry!

    c81280 at hotmail dot com

  38. I am loving this HP giveaway because it has introduced me to a whole bunch of very interesting blogs that I did not know about. Thanks for being a part of it and keep up the good work!

    How would I share the magic? I would keep one or two of the computers for my family and give the rest of the package to my church. They could really use the updated equipment. And they would truly appreciate it!


  39. I would love to win this HP Magic giveaway. I have an old computer that barely runs and a printer that has stopped printing, so this would be a huge help.
    Thanks for posting such a great giveaway!
    mjharvey26 at yahoo dot com

  40. I strongly believein both sharing and giving. While ther are numerous causes and organisations to donate to most of them receive great publicity and government and public funding, therefore, I choose to donate to those who serve a great number of individuals yet receive little or no funding and I hopoe my donation wil enable them to serve even more in order to continue to improve the quality of life of those they serve.

    1. HP Pavilion dv4 series Entertainment Notebook PC
    USAG Schweinfurt SFASC (soldier family assistance center)
    SFAC is a very important group as they sever the needs of military families and wounded warrior. I would donate this computer to be used as a mobile computer which could be checked out by wounded warriors. During recovery, it is very important that wounded warriors keep in touch with family. Calling family from overzseas is quite expensive and only leads to financial stress for these soldiers. This would enable them to keep intouch with no additional expenses. Additionally, some of these soldiers who were previoiusly enrolled in online college courses can continue their classwork without fear of being dropped or failing. For those with more serious conditions or those suffering from PTSD, this would allow them to look up information concerning their conditions. While there are computers on post, the computers are not in abundance to serve the size of the post.
    2.HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC
    USAG Schweinfurt MFLC (Military Family Life Consultants)
    MFLC are counselors, social workers and psychiatrists who make a commitment and leave their families and practices for a few months in order to serve the emotional and mental needs of military families and soldiers. Due to the stigma of getting help from mental health services, MFLC plays a vital role in insuring the mental and emotional health of those they serve. MFLC needs access to a computer in order to file their reports, however, since they are contractors they have to wait on public computers like everyone else. Having access to a computer to file reports would make their job a lot easier and they would be able to take the computer into the field in order to help clients see resources online available to them.
    3.HP Mini 1000
    Medical Park Rehabilitation Hospital, Bad Rodach, Germany.
    This Hospital serves as a rehabilitation hospital for those with neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, and stroke victims. The hospital provides one desktop computer for public usage where there are consistantly over 300 patients. The computer they now have is an older computer from the 90's and does not run nearly as fast as the newer models do today. This hospital has patients from all over world and I was a patient there myself for over 4 weeks, being the first American and first U.S. Military dependant to be admitted to this facility. This hospital provides state of the art care with every patient having his or her own team of doctors and specialists.
    4. HP TouchSmart IQ816 AIO Desktop PC
    This computer I would keep for myself as I currently do not have a computer. I have Multiple Sclerosis which has left some impearment and a touch screen computer would be very beneficial for me as I currentl have online classes, do a little free lance work and try to stay on top with current events. I have now gotten to where I can not go to the library every day for computer access. Having a good computer at home would enable me to be more productive in doing those things.
    5. HP MediaSmart Connect digital media receiver
    HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO multifunction
    HP 564 Photo Value Pak
    Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate and Home Premium preinstalled
    Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition
    Microsoft Windows Live
    Corel VideoStudio X2
    Kung Fu Panda (DVD & Blu-ray)
    Ronald McDonald House, Temple, Texas.
    For obvious reasons, the Ronald McDonald House can benefit from these items. Administrative staff would have updated software to better serve their clients that walk thru their doors. Children and families of all ages need to be able to enjoy movies that take their minds off of the unpleasantries of life, such as illness and disease that their loved ones are dealing with. They would greatly enjoy Kung Fu Panda. All of these items would benefit this Ronald McDonald House greatly.

  41. I apologize for the oversight that you said 3 sentences showing who we’d donate to, therefore I am summing up the post above.

    I would donate a computer to United States Army Garrison Schweinfurt SFAC who serves Wounded Warriors since they can greatly use a computer to begin a mobile laptop program for these deserving soldiers. The other recipients would be the Ronald McDonald House, Military Family Life Consulatants and Medical Park Rehabilitation HOspital which serves patients who have Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and stoke patients. I have been in this facility and I would keep the touchscreen computer as I have an impairment to where this computer would be great plus I have no computer and since I believe in sharing and giving so if I found another cause to donate to, they would receive mine. Happy Holidays!

  42. What a dream come true this prize would be! I’d share with my mom, 600 miles away, by herself and lonely since my dad and sister died, she can’t even view pics I send her of the kids. As a reward for being good kidazens, (a young good citizen), my kids play Sims, but our computer is SO old, by the time anything loads, their Sim people are practically senior citizens, and I feel so bad, I give them extra time on their turn, (they actually keep a book to read on the desk while they wait), to compensate for the slowness! My 13 yr. old daughter is incredibly creative, and tries hard with the tools we have-just check out a short clip of something she’s worked on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS8cHmyRDeA
    In August 2008 she cut all her hair off and donated it to Locks Of Love (she waited 3 years to grow it long enough), and I’ve been looking to surprise her with a special gift, but I can’t afford much, we live in MI and hubby works in the auto industry…ouch!
    And my 10 yr. old son who plays guitar, -he was so bummed last week, trying to produce his first
    album, Da Wave…Tarts Aflame, so frustrated with our old pc…I can just imagine the jaw dropping, I can’t believe it look on their faces, if I were so lucky as to win a prize such as this!!!

  43. i posted about your airlne travel… m having keyboard issues at the moment… bt i would love to share this prize with my husband who is starting school and his family in Africa who does not have a lot. maybe they wcould get email now and we can write!

  44. Three critical components in the HP Magic giveaway I believe sends a clear answer about starting a small business.

  45. When I win the HP Magic Giveaway I will be giving one notebook computer to my Mother (HP TouchSmart IQ816), another one to my brother (HP HDX 18 series Premium notebook) and another to my nephew (HP Mini 1000 Series notebook). I will be keeping the HP Pavilion dv4-1143go to replace mine that keeps having motherboard problems (replaced 3 in the past 2 years) as well as the HP Photosmart C6380 and HP 564 Series Photo value pack. And finally loan out to family and friends during the upcoming holidays the Kung Fu Panda DVDs.

  46. I would keep one, give one to my son who is in the USAF, give one to my daughter who is in college and the other would probably go to a single mom in my neighborhood.
    This is such an awesome giveaway, thank you for sponsoring it!

    My blog newmanszoorevue.blogspot.com

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