Ada Camp Text Walkthrough Contents

This is laid out in an html document to mimic a text adventure or a MUD where you can walk from room to room, with links. Room names are all links and have "H2" tags. The descriptions are all in one page. The first paragraph is the short desc. The second is flavor text, or long descriptions.

Short descriptions of each room with exits

First floor entrance

The first floor entrance to the building is an echoing marble lobby that leads to a wide area between two rows of elevators. To the right is what I will describe as North or twelve o'clock. Any elevator will go up to The Fifteenth Floor, where Ada Camp is. The exit to California Street is east. The Huge Lobby is west, past the elevators. To the north is The First Floor Cafe.

The First Floor Entrance is big, spacious, and has very high ceilings, maybe 3 stories high. The floors are marble and so are the walls. There are some TV screens showing ads and descriptions of the fancy building. It is very grand like a palace or a bank.


Inside each elevator, there are buttons on both left and right sides of the doors. The First Floor Entrance is on the first floor. Ada Camp is on The Fifteenth Floor.

The outsides of the elevator doors on the first floor are made of very fancy filigree metalwork. They are awesome. Do feel them if you like fancy things.

The First Floor Cafe

The First Floor Cafe is just north of the First Floor Entrance. It is loud and the doors are wide.

No details of the cafe as it was crowded, loud, and I didn't go in.

The Huge Lobby

The Huge Lobby is a continuation of The First Floor Entrance, just west of the rows of elevators. Along the south wall of the lobby there is a staffed information kiosk. Along the north wall there is a TV kiosk that will probably be loud. If you pass it, you have passed the Elevators. To the northwest there is a corridor leading out to A Quiet Side Street.

The Huge Lobby's ceiling is made of arched glass and metal like a giant old fashioned greenhouse. It is even more grand than the First Floor Entrance.

A Quiet Side Street

This quiet side street is completely blocked at both ends by cafe tables, so there is no auto traffic. There are narrow sidewalks with big square cement planters. It may be a good place to walk your dog. The glass doors to the north open both ways, and lead back into The Huge Lobby. East leads to California Street.

The Fifteenth Floor

All the Ada Camp events happen on the fifteenth floor. The elevators are in a central position in the building. A narrow North-South Hallway hallway runs the length of the building with rooms to either side. The North-South Hallway turns west into a short east-west hallway on the north end of the building. The south end of the narrow North-south hallway leads to the Drinks Room and The Lounge. Both the Drinks Room and The Lounge lead west and open into The Ballroom. Many of the rooms interconnect.

The entire Fifteenth Floor is paneled in dark wood intricately detailed with rectangles of wooden molding. The floors are a mixture of marble and thick carpet in dark warm colors. The ceilings are often patterned with octagonal recesses or coffers also with fancy wooden molding.

Elevator lobby

The elevator lobby on the 15th floor is a wide hall with three elevators per side. There is a large heavy table in the center. At 3 o'clock the lobby opens onto The North-South Hallway and The Foyer.

The floor is marble. The room is full of echoes. At 9 o'clock there is a big plate glass window looking out over a central atrium. I think the bottom of the atrium is the arched greenhouse style glass of the Huge Lobby!


The foyer has a registration table at its left side. Enter the room from the south side of the Elevator Lobby, crossing The North-South Hallway. There is a wide exit to the south which leads to Room H. Chairs line the east and north walls of the foyer. the north wall holds a coat closet and a large fireplace with an overhanging mantel.

The fireplace on the north wall smells strongly of ash. It is made of stone or marble and has scrolly words carved onto the overhanging mantel, that read, "Warm Ye In Friendship". On the east wall behind the rows of chairs there are high windows with bench seats. The seats have velvet cushions and there are also warm brown velvet drapes.

Room H

This small square room has an exit to the north leading to The Foyer. There is a wide exit to the south, leading to Room G, which is also called The Lounge.

Another small fancy room with wood panels, very dark, with more windows, bench seats, velvet bench cushions, and velvet curtains. There will be chairs around the perimeter of the room. The room is mostly contiguous with The Foyer and The Lounge, unless someone figures out how to close the sliding pocket doors during Ada Camp sessions. It feels like being in a gothic romance novel. Especially in that there are only two-prong outlets in here.

The Lounge

The Lounge, or Room G, is a square room with a long skinny extension to the west. In the square part of the room, there is a wide exit that leads to The North-South Hallway and, continuing west, into The Drinks Room. At the bottom or south side of the Lounge, along the skinny hallway, there is a bar countertop. Lunch will be in The Lounge. There is an exit to the north, leading to Room H. To the west, past the bar, there is a narrow door into The Ballroom.

This room is probably hell to navigate as it will be full of people and has a weird shape. It has tall airy windows and more benches and velvet curtains and wood paneling. The food will be here buffet style along the bar in the narrow skinny hallway. There will be some sort of blue-tape-outlined corridor or "travel lane" marked off inside this room to help people pass through the room.

The Drinks Room

This is a small rectangular room that will have drinks and condiments during lunch. To the west there is a wide entrance to The Ballroom. To the north east there is an entrance to The North-South Hallway and to the east is The Lounge.

This is sort of a room-sized conduit with no windows, between The Lounge and TThe Ballroom. It is a mysterious tunnel.

The Ballroom

The Ballroom is a very large rectangular room with high ceilings and carpet. There are tables lining the room's perimeter, and rows of seats in the room's center. The exact furniture layout is uncertain. The stage is to the center north, against the north wall. A fire escape exit is at the northwest corner of the ballroom. To the east from the room's center a wide entryway leads to The Drinks Room. At the southeast corner of the ballroom there is an exit to the long skinny hallway of The Lounge.

The Ballroom is magnificent! It really is like a storybook except that it has modern wall to wall carpet. The ceilings are very high and have coffered wooden insets shaped like octagons interconnected by circles. The carpet has the same pattern. All around the room are more giant tall velvet drapes and bench window seats with cushions. During lunch the tables will be pulled into the center of the room. The layout is unclear. There will also be a blue tape "travel lane" marked in this room which signals to sighted people not to park themselves or their backpacks there, so others can get by.

North-South Hallway

This hallway leads from The Drinks Room and The Lounge at its south end, past The Foyer and the elevator lobby, and north to the all genders restroom, The Women's Restroom, the Quiet Room, the emergency stairwell, and Room J where the allies track happens. At the northeast end of the north-south hallway the hall turns west into The East-West hallway.

This is a narrow hall with marble floors. Nothing special about it.

The All Genders Restroom

From The North-South Hallway just north of The Foyer, there is a door that swings inward that leads to the all genders restroom. It a small room, with urinals to the south and two stalls to the northeast.

This room is not very much fun and only has 2 stalls. I recommend the more opulent Women's Room Entryway and The Women's Restroom instead.

The Quiet Room

The quiet room is at the northeast corner of the building, to the east of the end of The North-South Hallway. It will have tables, chairs, and couches in an uncertain layout. At the threshold of the doorway, there is a bumpy wooden thing hard to get over in a wheelchair. It is meant as a haven for introverts in need of quiet. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Nothing amazing about this room, it is slightly less fancy than the south half of The Fifteenth Floor, somehow. Perhaps the walls aren't wood panel.

The Emergency Stairwell

At the extreme north end of The North-South Hallway there is an emergency stairwell. It has a door that pushes inwards.

I don't know what it looks like in here as it is an emergency exit. But now you know.

The East-West Hallway

About 15 feet down the east-west hallway there is a door to the left leading to the Women's Room Entryway. A door across from it leads into Room J. On Saturday, Room J is for the Allies Track. The east end of this hallway turns south into The North-South Hallway

At the west end of this hallway there are big doors that lead into a kitchen and the staff area. If the doors are open it is very loud with clattering dishes and humming fridges or other equipment.

The Women's Room Entryway

This is a small narrow lounge area with a big mirror at the south end. The exit back to the east-west hallway is north. A doorless opening to the east leads to The Women's Restroom.

I think this lounge area to the bathroom is meant to be for primping. There is a full length mirror.

The Women's Restroom

There are some bathroom stalls and sinks here. The exit to The Women's Room Entryway is to the west.

Lots of bathroom stalls here. I didn't count. Maybe 6 or so. God knows, probably not enough.