Duel in translation

Because of blogging on geek feminism, BlogHer, and Hack Ability, and doing a bunch of things at work, I haven’t said much here. It’s been weeks of verbal, verbal verbal, blogging and coding and talking. The feeling of too much looking at code is a lot like the feeling of having my head in poetry. … Continue reading “Duel in translation”

Translation: Magda Portal

I have not looked further for poems by Magda Portal but she seems well worth a look. If you read the little biography I wrote up below, you will see part of why I get very annoyed at the ways the vanguard, ultraism, modernismo, etc. are described as being somehow essentially masculine! Note here too … Continue reading “Translation: Magda Portal”

Translation: Nydia Lamarque

I have not had any luck in finding many more poems by Lamarque. Maybe I could do it through inter-library loan, or paying someone to xerox or photograph a book in another library for me. I like this poem a lot. Again, am left as a translator knowing that in some places I nail it, … Continue reading “Translation: Nydia Lamarque”

A list not to forget to say

purple flowers, red fuzzy buds Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. I have a backup of posts I want to write here: – the Main Gallery reading in Redwood City – the benefit at Varnish; Shauna Rogan’s excellent Babylon book; rambling about such cut-up projects and what makes them good or bad in my eyes; playfulness … Continue reading “A list not to forget to say”