She's Geeky – Tour of WordPress template code

There were 20 or so people at this talk, including non-programmers and programmers wondering if they should install WordPress, and bloggers and admins already familiar with WordPress. We did a round of introductions: * Graphic designer interested in what degree of control she could have over a WordPress blog. * Benay, running a blog connecting … Continue reading “She's Geeky – Tour of WordPress template code”

She's Geeky – Install Drupal on your Mac

In this session we talked about Drupal in general, and a few people, including Margaret Rosas from Santa Cruz Geeks and CrystalMarie, got it installed and running. I have to apologize for being a bit incoherent; I was tired and unprepared. It was worth the session anyway to introduce the idea that you *can* run … Continue reading “She's Geeky – Install Drupal on your Mac”

She's Geeky – Show and Tell Your Dev Env session

We had a session to talk about what tools, languages, and platforms we use for software and web development. I started off by trying to list all the tools I use for work for development. Then other people stood up one by one to add their tools to the list on the whiteboard. Lots of … Continue reading “She's Geeky – Show and Tell Your Dev Env session”

She's Geeky – Session on gaming

There are some hard core gamers here, about 10 women, a lot of them gamers for many years. STories of AFT, All Female Tournament, Female Fragfest 99, women playing for years with male online identities to avoid harassment and then coming out. Funny story from Kim F. of the moment she realized a bunch of … Continue reading “She's Geeky – Session on gaming”