Sub-ether message

Quote of the day, because it’s silly and perfect! Give it a dramatic reading if you dare. The photophonic visiscreen before Ranger brightened with the image of a stocky reptilian creature that looked vaguely humanoid. Its facial scales flushed violet with pleasure as it said: “Captain Farstar! Greetings from Newtonia. How pleased I am to … Continue reading “Sub-ether message”

What it might mean to make maps

We have now mapped the tiny corner of our creek and given names to nameless places, extending human dominion to yet another junkyard and mudflat. As I kayaked around with my friend Adina she babbled to me charmingly of how we were in the same place but in a different place. Everything about the land … Continue reading “What it might mean to make maps”

Feminism, movies, and Twilight

There’s a great post by Ide Cyan over on Feminist SF: The Blog! on two recent vampire movies – Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right One In) and Twilight. Though I haven’t read Twilight or seen the movie, I was very interested in her analysis of its popular appeal: Twilight’s popularity is intimately … Continue reading “Feminism, movies, and Twilight”

Potlatch sf convention's Books of Honor

Potlatch, a small, book-focused science fiction convention, wanders up and down the West Coast of the U.S. Every year that I’ve been to it, it has a Book of Honor instead of a Guest of Honor. There is only one event track, so everyone goes to the same big panel discussions or talks. This year … Continue reading “Potlatch sf convention's Books of Honor”

Call for submissions: WisCon Chronicles, volume 3

Call for Ideas and ContributionsWisCon Chronicles Volume 3 – WisCon 32 Were you at WisCon 32 in 2008? Aqueduct Press would love to hear from you with ideas and materials for Volume 3 of The WisCon Chronicles. ANY panel, event, or paper you’d like to write about is fine. Here are a few that we’ve … Continue reading “Call for submissions: WisCon Chronicles, volume 3”

Wiscon panels coming up, and some commentary on a game

Here’s my panels for Wiscon! I can’t wait! Last year’s flirting panel was a blast and at this year’s followup I’m hoping to make a cool handout. Debbie says if I email her the stuff she’ll make the handout, because I have too much to do! One good technique “touch/don’t touch” is actually playing out … Continue reading “Wiscon panels coming up, and some commentary on a game”

Very cool literary reading: Nalo Hopkinson, Jewelle Gomez, Marta

This is going to be an amazing reading. I hope to see lots of you there! I will probably be late, unfortunately, but will be there and then be at the afterparty at Debbie Notkin’s house. Octavia E. Butler Memorial Tribute Fundraiser Nalo HopkinsonJewelle GomezSusie BrightMarta AcostaJennifer de GuzmanandGuillermo Gomez-Peña A fundraiser reading to benefit … Continue reading “Very cool literary reading: Nalo Hopkinson, Jewelle Gomez, Marta”

Excellent feminist rant on being "of a time"

I really enjoyed Ide Cyan’s “Timeless” on the Feminist SF blog; it’s a polemic on Time and social change, and was sparked by Ide’s notice of the ubiquity of the defense that a sexist or racist or otherwise annoyingly biased person was a product of their time. This sets up a framework in which “now” … Continue reading “Excellent feminist rant on being "of a time"”

Strange Horizons / Speculative Literature Foundation reading

Leia’s half-drunk bartending skills Originally uploaded by hdiwan. This Wednesday, May 10, at Valencia Street Books — There will be a rapid fire reading and generally fun hang-out at from 7 to 9pm. Rapid fire! 3 minutes each! I’ll be reading along with a bunch of other people, including Charlie Anders and Susan Marie Groppi, … Continue reading “Strange Horizons / Speculative Literature Foundation reading”

Tiptree winner announcement!

Congratulations to Geoff Ryman, who has just won the James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award for his book Air: or, Have Not Have. It’s an unusual book and a great story. The award goes each year to a work of speculative fiction that expands and explores gender. I had a great time being on the Tiptree … Continue reading “Tiptree winner announcement!”