Happy National Coming Out Day!

It’s that day again! I wrote a coming-out story some years ago, and it’s in a book, Can I Sit With You?. Here’s a link to the full story online if you’d like to read it. It’s called “The Sex Change of Zyax II“. True story from my 5th grade life in Houston, Texas in … Continue reading “Happy National Coming Out Day!”

Reading in Seattle this Friday, Apr 25

Liz Reading at Queer Open Mic Originally uploaded by Liz. I am road tripping up to Seattle this week! If you are there please come see me at this event ! I would love to see you all and would love the support. April 25, 8pm, Annex Theatre, 1100 East Pike Street. You will hear … Continue reading “Reading in Seattle this Friday, Apr 25”

April: National Poetry Month. Post 1: Nestor Perlongher in translation

a Originally uploaded by Liz Henry I’m going to try to post every day in April on poetry and poetics. This blog has got some poetry in it, if you dig deep underneath the feminist eyerolling and disability rights and tech stuff. In the last month, I’ve been going through my translations and poems from … Continue reading “April: National Poetry Month. Post 1: Nestor Perlongher in translation”

A bit of a poem by Adrienne Rich

I’ve been looking in my books for a particular poem that I remembered copying into a notebook about 20 years ago, and found it finally tonight: The world tells me I am its creatureI am raked by eyes    brushed by handsI want to crawl into her for refuge    lay my headin the space … Continue reading “A bit of a poem by Adrienne Rich”