She's Geeky – Tour of WordPress template code

There were 20 or so people at this talk, including non-programmers and programmers wondering if they should install WordPress, and bloggers and admins already familiar with WordPress. We did a round of introductions: * Graphic designer interested in what degree of control she could have over a WordPress blog. * Benay, running a blog connecting … Continue reading “She's Geeky – Tour of WordPress template code”

Lost my mind in PHP

The last few days I went a little nuts thinking about PHP and rewriting a very horrible messy script. I’d write something, make it work, write a little more, break the first bit, go back to look at the first bit and find that I couldn’t understand my own code that I’d written the day … Continue reading “Lost my mind in PHP” API and SimpleXML

I spent some time today looking at the API and writing bits of php with SimpleXML. Both of them are very easy and clear to use. I tried a bunch of the examples in the api docs to think through what it was possible to do with the queries. I really like, … Continue reading “ API and SimpleXML”

Geek culture changes

I have gone from working in places where I have about 4 computers on my desk plus root everywhere to working for Silicon Valley startups where people bring their own laptop to the job and no one has ever seen a terminal window before. Most of the bloggers I know (and support at work) deal … Continue reading “Geek culture changes”