Cranky Lightning

I’m at the Quiet Lightning reading in a VERY CRANKY mood ready to liveblog. It smells like pot in here and I’ve had a gin and tonic and about 100 hipsters with scarves on are blocking my way to the bathroom so get ready for me to bitch like hell and become even more unpopular. … Continue reading “Cranky Lightning”

BlogHer Boston, liveblogged

Morning:I hit the breakfast and the swag. Scored: fresh pineapple, pastry, coffee, starbucks jar ‘ o coffee to carry around (very handy for a wheelchair user!) Scored a laser pointer usb drive ballpoint pen, Springpad notebook and good conversation about social media and “personal project management”, tiny cute retractable cord mouse, I entered about 5 … Continue reading “BlogHer Boston, liveblogged”

Social Media Consensus Workshop, Liveblogged

I fell into this by accident because it was (surprise) happening in my office — Socialtext’s nascent co-working space, which is still under construction. So this morning I met Bronwen and Jim from Social Media Consensus. Other people: Stowe Boyd, JD Lasica, Britt Bravo, Pim Techamuanvivit from Chez Pim, Tom Foremski, Vincent Lauria, Sara Olsen, … Continue reading “Social Media Consensus Workshop, Liveblogged”

SXSWi: Open Source business models

Alan Shimel, Fischer, Levin, Jarrell, Cavazos. Questions and statements from the audience. Alan Shimel: there’s two categories of open source community members: consumers of open source. A company who wants to use open source. using linux, php, to develop their web site. Not developers. The restrictions and licensing issues are less of a hassle and … Continue reading “SXSWi: Open Source business models”

SXSWi: Non-developers to Open Source Acolytes: Tell me why I care

Elisa Camahort is moderating. Annalee Newitz, Dawn Foster, Erica Rios. Annalee Newitz explains the entire complicated insane definition and history of the Open Source movement in less than 3 minutes. Free redistribution, available source, derivative works okay, no restrictions on tech or users (http;// Licenses: gpl, MOzilla public license, BSD License. Commonly used open source … Continue reading “SXSWi: Non-developers to Open Source Acolytes: Tell me why I care”

SXSWi: Attention panel

Notes on “Every Breath You Take: Identity, Attention, Presence and Reputation”. Christian Crumlish, Ted Nadeau, Mary Hodder, Kaliya Hamlin, George Kelly Christian Crumlish talked about how new cell phones are. Etiquette still developing. How much of your attention can I have? Establish level of communication or mode of being present and paying attention. Maximize or … Continue reading “SXSWi: Attention panel”

SXSWi panel on commercialization of wikis

Here’s some notes on Ev. Prodromou’s talk on commercialization of wikis. (Here’s his slides, which he just nicely emailed to me.) Does commerce belong in wikis?– the wikisphere needs a healthy ecology Supporting a wiki project– out of pocket– donations, grants, govt.– wiki farm. Wikia. Nurturing the wild wiki. Four types of wiki businesses: Service … Continue reading “SXSWi panel on commercialization of wikis”

SXSWi notes: High Class, Low Class Web Design

Notes on High Class and Low Class Web Design. Respecting your audience. Do you treat them as equals? Culturally, educationally? What if they’re not your peer group? People who call their audience “marks”. Fans officially, but the treatment in the industry is “marks”. This is the 2nd panel that has used this carny terminology. Evan … Continue reading “SXSWi notes: High Class, Low Class Web Design”

SXSWi: Kathy Sierra's opening remarks

Kathy Sierra‘s opening remarks has two or three overflow rooms full of people. We’re responding to the screen just as if Kathy were in the room – what a great speaker! Humanizing software and the net. Audience participation exercise: If you had to either save a guy from drowning or photograph it, how would you … Continue reading “SXSWi: Kathy Sierra's opening remarks”

SXSWi How to Rawk panel

Min Jung Kim is leading a panel for people at SXSWi for the first time. “How to Rawk SXSW”. The gist of this panel is: We’re popular and cool. Here is what you should do: Stalk us. We offer ourselves up as stalkable. Follow us and what we’re doing, and you’ll have fun. Their advice … Continue reading “SXSWi How to Rawk panel”