Writers With Drinks, No and Yes, rambling

Daisy Zamora Originally uploaded by spanaut. It was another super crowded night at the Makeout Room! Julia Jackson was a good comedian – I’d love to go see her perform again. Her comments on race, international adoption, and liberals… very good… I was dying at “You ever notice when white people go do some kind … Continue reading “Writers With Drinks, No and Yes, rambling”

Cheap thrills, writing hangovers, long poems

Have you ever written – and published – a line that later gives you a hot blush of shame? For me it’s always some cheap trick of rhetoric that seemed like a good idea when it spewed off my fingertips into TexEdit, some utterly dorktastic 9th grade journalism thing, a throwaway bit of demogoguery that … Continue reading “Cheap thrills, writing hangovers, long poems”