Bad Inventions: The laptop girdle and the standing desk bra!

I have two new Bad Inventions for my collection of ideas that I will never implement and everyone is free to steal! First, let me introduce the Laptop Girdle (or laptop belt)! I often am working on my computer while lying on my back with knees and feet up on pillows to relieve strain in … Continue reading “Bad Inventions: The laptop girdle and the standing desk bra!”

Sub-ether message

Quote of the day, because it’s silly and perfect! Give it a dramatic reading if you dare. The photophonic visiscreen before Ranger brightened with the image of a stocky reptilian creature that looked vaguely humanoid. Its facial scales flushed violet with pleasure as it said: “Captain Farstar! Greetings from Newtonia. How pleased I am to … Continue reading “Sub-ether message”

The Planet of Swears

I’m writing some RSS feed scraper programs and while playing around with that, set up an install of Planet feed reader. It was very funny to see on the one hand, lots of people blogging or writing things like “Oh, this doesn’t even need setup, just unzip it and you’re basically done” — and the … Continue reading “The Planet of Swears”

Programming languages and science fiction!

Cat Valente, Tiptree-winning author of The Orphan’s Tales, wrote up a brilliant comparison of programming languages to literary genres. She covers a lot of ground here as a cultural and critic, and she’s witty as hell. If the bits I’m quoting make you laugh, go read the whole thing! Smalltalk is mythpunk, Python is speculative … Continue reading “Programming languages and science fiction!”

Neobaroque user interface

What do you think. Brilliant steampunk parody? Or simply the funniest, most godawful, user interface design in the history of the planet? I can’t stop laughing! I keep expecting the Onceler to pop out and put a thneed on it! It’s just like the early 90s software I remember when people had to make a … Continue reading “Neobaroque user interface”

Geek culture changes

I have gone from working in places where I have about 4 computers on my desk plus root everywhere to working for Silicon Valley startups where people bring their own laptop to the job and no one has ever seen a terminal window before. Most of the bloggers I know (and support at work) deal … Continue reading “Geek culture changes”

My evil mastermind futuristic wheelchair golfcart thing

Okay, I totally want this, so I can zoom around wearing a sort of Servalan dress, like this, in it: Something more in black, with a ridiculous collar that looks like bat wings and that stands up about 2 feet over my head. A futuristic space pistol would be nice too! It’s interesting that it’s … Continue reading “My evil mastermind futuristic wheelchair golfcart thing”

SXSWi: Kathy Sierra's opening remarks

Kathy Sierra‘s opening remarks has two or three overflow rooms full of people. We’re responding to the screen just as if Kathy were in the room – what a great speaker! Humanizing software and the net. Audience participation exercise: If you had to either save a guy from drowning or photograph it, how would you … Continue reading “SXSWi: Kathy Sierra's opening remarks”

Five things you probably don't know about me

I got tagged for this meme by Chris Carfi of The Social Customer Manifesto. It was interesting reading Chris’s 5 things and following some of his links. I also came across The Blog Tag Tree which traces a bit of this meme’s geneology. Though – I first saw it a year ago or maybe longer, … Continue reading “Five things you probably don't know about me”