That Zarro Boogs feeling

This is my third Firefox release as release manager, and the fifth that I’ve followed closely from the beginning to the end of the release cycle. (31 and 36 as QA lead; 39, 43, and 46 as release manager.) This time I felt more than usually okay with things, even while there was a lot … Continue reading “That Zarro Boogs feeling”

FFUntriaged number games

As some of you may know we have over 900,000 thousand bug reports in these days. Around 120K of those are open bugs. I keep an eye on the incoming bugs, which are still around 350-550 for any 24 hour period and peck away at those. Many people in QA and various engineering teams … Continue reading “FFUntriaged number games”

File a bug: the missing manual, now with unicorns

At countless conference talks I have heard standard advice on “how to get involved in an open source project”. It goes something like this: Step 1. File a bug! Step 2. Submit a patch! (repeat steps 1 and 2 for a while) Step 3. Now you are ready to write some new features and stuff! … Continue reading “File a bug: the missing manual, now with unicorns”

Screen reader and accessibility bug day

Tomorrow Mozilla is hosting a screen reader and general accessibility bug day. Len Burns and I have invited screen reader users of Firefox and other Mozilla products to join us in sorting through existing accessibility bugs. Some folks from the Mozilla Accessibility team will be on hand to talk with us. I’m pretty sure we … Continue reading “Screen reader and accessibility bug day”