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I made a small zine in December wanting to have a positive and creative response to the horrible elections. This is meant to be a series of zines called THIS IS IMPORTANT with essays, poetry, or whatever strikes my fancy, through Burn This Press.

this is important cover

The first one is Taking Back the Narrative by Andrea Hairston, based on her blog post on the Aqueduct Press blog. It has a beautifully inspiring list of creative precepts which I made sure would fall across the center pages. It is laid out and printed as a single page, landscape, 4 up, double sided. You can download it as a pdf and print your own copy from the Burn This Press site.

While again I am not super super satisfied with the way these came out, I like to get something out there quickly – cheap & fast and reproducible. #2 in the series is called Ida at the March, about the 1913 women’s march in DC and the stories around Ida B. Wells, and black women at the march in general. It is a short story of exploring the (easily) available stories and a suggestion to always look for more depth – or at least extrapolate more depth — in historical snippets than you see at first glance. Again not ideal especially in layout but I may reprint it with a better illustration of Wells & put it on the front cover.

This was originally a tiny, tiny zine with fragments of information which was meant to be a sequel to my minizine from a couple of years ago, Heterodoxy to Marie. But I had more to say on the subject than could fit in that format.

#3 of THIS IS IMPORTANT…. could be by you! Send me your ideas! What would be good as an ephemeral physical object, one that can fit into a pocket? An essay, a rant, poetry, all of it mixed up. Art also very useful and welcome. Let me know if you have something or want to write something for a small or mini zine format.

I want to play with format & size & production a bit rather than doing the small square size (4.25 x 4.25) for the earlier poem books from Burn This Press.

My other goal is to make all the zines downloadable so people can print them, cut, fold, and staple and so the zine backlist will stick around beyond my energy to produce & distribute objects.

The original THIS IS IMPORTANT zine was a series over many years by F.A. Nettelbeck.

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