Musings on fundamentally ableist assumptions

It isn’t a terrible thing, but a revealing thing, that when I give a short description of the game project I’m working on, and include that you can play a blind or Deaf/deaf person or wheelchair user, people tend to make several assumptions. That the game is about the experience of frustration or pain, about … Continue reading “Musings on fundamentally ableist assumptions”

The Emperor and The Victory

Still plowing relentlessly through the Morland Dynasty books. I am up to a quite exciting bit of the Napoleonic wars. The books have unexpectedly morphed from mostly Yorkshire drama to naval life and battles, including the Glorious First of June, the Battle of the Nile, and Trafalgar. Including something of the lives of women on … Continue reading “The Emperor and The Victory”

Some science fiction/fantasy with disabled characters

Or with an interesting take on variations of ability or human/machine integration/enhancement. I might mention some or all of these in the panel today at CripTech. And, I’ll come back later today and add links to this list and some notes on the panel. “Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction” – magazine issue/anthology On the Edge … Continue reading “Some science fiction/fantasy with disabled characters”