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5 Minutes of Fame tonight!

Tonight at Noisebridge, our lightning talk event, 5 Minutes of Fame! I’ll be speaking at 5MoF about Bad Inventions, going back over at least 20 years of my own horrible inventions, some of which came to fruition and some which … Continue reading

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First week at Mozilla

My first week (and a half) at Mozilla has been about organizing information. The HR orientation stuff was mostly directions to wiki pages, IRC, and mailing lists, echoing the “Get Involved” path into Mozilla that any volunteer contributor can … Continue reading

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Bad inventions: Dead mouse cat treats

I have two more bad inventions to add to the world, both cat-related! Think how awesome it would be if we had cat treats that had the varied textures of dead mice! Pampered indoor cats could have the fun of … Continue reading

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First day at Mozilla!

I spent yesterday in the San Francisco Mozilla office, meeting people, setting up my laptop, and getting a general orientation. It’s in the Hills Brothers Coffee building across the plaza from Google, so I went past a hilarious statue (too … Continue reading

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Rebecca West kick, and some poetry

In the last week or so I’ve read a lot of novels by Rebecca West. I tried to read her nonfiction about Mexico but couldn’t stomach her archness. Maybe later. But I loved The Birds Fall Down, and The Saga … Continue reading

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Morning reading

I am reading “La ciudad deshabitada” by Ernesto Cardenal and the translation by Steven F. White, in Poets of Nicaragua. Cardenal’s long lines, and long thoughts, are very beautiful, mind-expanding to encompass. Ciudad deshabitada: anti-colonialist, utopian, revolutionary. Though I am … Continue reading

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