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For Global Voices: About wheelchairs and mobility

For everyone I met and spoke with at Global Voices Citizen Media Summit I would like to pass on some information about mobility, disability, and wheelchairs. I got a lot of questions about my wheelchair and a lot of compliments … Continue reading

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Installing Eeebuntu on an Asus Eeepc 900

Last night I installed eeebuntu on my Eeepc 900. You see how I love this little beast! The instructions and forums on were helpful. I realized while I was doing the install that there’s Ubuntu Eee as well and … Continue reading

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How to create a web form to talk with Google Docs

My friend and co-worker Jenny from Three Kid Circus pointed out a cool feature of Google Docs to me today. I use Google Docs spreadsheets mostly as wiki-like documents for a group of people to edit a web page in … Continue reading

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Secret texting at the school talent show!

Here’s the video of the 3rd grade dance act in the school talent show! An eighth grade girl choreographed it and coached all the 3rd graders through many practices. They dance to the James Bond theme, Soulja Boy, and then … Continue reading

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Review of GE Caulk Singles: sad sink, happy sink

This is both a product review from a free sample, and a contest entry for BlogHer. First off I have to tell you about the total disaster of my caulking project… READ MORE about my caulk review on Badgermama Reviews! … Continue reading

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Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do a fandango?

Moomin’s school choir sings Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Ambitious of them! If I didn’t totally love his choir director already, this would have done it. I’m taking suggestions for what they should put on their repertoire for next year. “Nevermind” would … Continue reading

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Sonnet, twittered

Drum roll… a moment in Twitter history… Twittered by allaboutgeorge aka George Kelly, for Sarah Dopp. The poem is better for having been twittered. I like it backwards, and getting the punchline first and then cycling back through it. The … Continue reading

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